13 April 2015


I've been listening to a song all day....it wasn't until tonight that it hit me that the lyrics took me back to being in High School.  To a day when my brother was supposed to have soccer practice but it was canceled.  I still remember that fact.  I remember how angry I was it was cancelled since it led my brother to being home and making stupid decisions.  A whole tumbling ball effect.

I remember coming home and things were out of place.  I don't recall everything but I remember finding my phone in the bathroom.  I couldn't find it at first and then there it was in the bathtub.  It smelled of gas.  SO STRONGLY of gas.  There were other noticeable things wrong.  The bathroom was in disarray.  The gas smell was on other things too.

Eventually the phone rang, it was my dad.  Andrew had been burned.  He had decided to light the woodburner.  It wouldn't light, not even sure he know how to properly start it up.  He decided to use gas to get it going.  A fireball came back out at him.  The funny part of all this is that he was wearing an Eddie Bauer shirt.  Yup I still remember that part.  I remember the nurse giving it back to my mom.  You couldn't even tell anything was wrong with it other than it being dirty around the wrists/neckline.  Andrew would never wear that shirt again though.  He absolutely refused.  That shirt saved my brother.

He ended up with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his face, neck, and hands.  My dad came home to take me to the hospital.  Andrew was the only patient in the brand new SICU.  His nurse was Mac, a really cool guy.  My parents left to go regroup and figure out a plan.  So I sat with Andrew.  We had picked up McDonald's for my brother and I to eat.  I remember having to feed him.  His hands were completely bandaged up.  After we ate Andrew messed around with his breathing.  It was pretty ridiculous how he made the machine beep like crazy and caused Mac to come running in to make sure Andrew was okay.  We had a lot of laughs.  Because what else do you do in that situation.

I don't remember how long Andrew was in the SICU.  I remember two guys from the soccer team wanting to come visit but he wouldn't let them.  Eventually, weeks later they came over and took him out for an outing.  He was, and is supposed to wear a ton of sunscreen and clothing that covers his hands and face to protect his newer skin from the sun.  He is usually wearing a ball cap and that's why.

So no, people do not necessarily die from burns.  But it is scary to think about what happens when you are burned.

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