06 January 2014

Things I am going to try to do in 2014

I am not a New Years Resolution kind of gal.  New Years has never really been a big exciting night for me since usually I'm babysitting.  This year I had dinner with a friend and then ice cream at a place neither of us had tried but heard amazing things about.  I do have some goals for 2014 so here they are:

Read 350 books this year.  I am going to include children's books since I read several of them at the school I volunteer at.  Last year I didn't even include them all and hit my goal of 300 books.    

Finish reading books I started last year.  Some are on my kindle app and some are books I need to borrow or buy.

When I travel I will use my iPad and phone for reading.  This means downloading more digital books which is something I'm striving to do.  I recently took a trip and ONLY read on my devices instead of taking books.  It was the best idea ever as I only packed a backpack for 3 days and have never traveled that light.

Write more book reviews.

As soon as I bring a book home add it to my Goodreads account.  I have not been doing my best to keep my account up to date with books I own/borrow so that I don't accidentally end up with two copies.

Try to read as many of the books as I own as possible before borrowing books from the library.  In an attempt to clear out some of my TBR pile I sorted through my ARC's that I've had for a while and seriously considered if I was going to read them.  I donated a bag to Candace for her to donate to an Indian Reservation and sent a few boxes off to various people.  I also have another box to send to a school.  

Non book related: Eat healthier and actually start running again.  I finally have 2 pairs of running shoes so this is do-able.  I eat too much junk and eat out too often.

Do better at communicating with friends that live nearby and actually hang out.  I tend to fail at this and then wonder why I'm home every night with nothing to do. 

Save up money so I can FINALLY return to Northern Ireland.  I miss my 'kids' and the country.  It's such a beautiful place with beautiful people.

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