15 July 2012

Traveling Home (Days 5 & 6) July 14th & 15th

If you watch golf you will have seen the John Deere Classic.  It was on tv and in the newspapers (at least locally it was in the paper).  In the Quad Cities, it was on billboards as well.  Saturday and Sunday were pretty full days.  Both days they tee'd off from 1 only so we were able to get there slightly later.  The cut off that they did on Friday meant that one golfer was playing through on his own first.  Since that happened, the golfer tends to go a lot faster.  Last year we had that golfer trying to make a new course record for fastest game played.  I'm not sure if he managed it or not.  This year we were on time on Saturday but Sunday we missed the first golfer.  Luckily there are people out at the course making sure that everyone is at their hole when golfers come through to cover any missing volunteers.

Photo from John Deere Classics webpage
While Steve Stricker had won the last 3 years...pretty awesome!  This year it was definitely a question up until the end as to who would win.  Stricker, Zach Johnson, and Troy Matteson were the top three.  Zach Johnson is a local and is even on the board for the tournament.  When he ended up winning after some really interesting circumstances it was great.

All in all, even though I definitely got a tan and it was overly humid on Sunday we had a great time reading our books, eating snacks, keeping hydrated, scoring and watching some awesome golfers play through.

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