17 July 2012

Traveling Home (Day 7) July 16th

Yay for Monday.  I was excited to see people...other than my parents.

I woke up and got ready for the eye doctor.  I had an appointment to get my eyes checked as well as picking out new glasses.  It was definitely time for new frames.  The ones I currently have, have been with me since 2004.

My 2004 to now glasses

I have changed out the prescription in them but the frames I have are pretty bent up.  According to the eye testing my eyes haven't changed that much.  I picked out two new pairs of frames.  One frame is magnetic and comes with sunglasses which I have badly needed for some time now.  And the second pair is blue and awesome.  The big cost on both pairs is getting the UV protection since I'm constantly looking at computer screens.  Plus the added expense for the lens to be thinner so they are made from a different material.  All the little things sure do add up!

After the visit to the eye doctor I went home and gathered up the books for Karen, the Starbucks Portland mug and a book for Kim and text Kim to see if she wanted to hang out.  We ended up going to Books A Million where I bought a few books to read on the plane on the way back to Portland and of course saying hi to a ton of people that still work there.

We also went to a new library branch which was pretty high tech.  They have cameras on the return items chute so you can watch your stuff go away, the people in the back pick it off the chute and the main entrance area all on one tv in the lobby.  We also stopped in Target where I picked up a few things for Monday night and then went back to Kim's.  As I hadn't eaten all day Kim was making dinner and I had a chicken patty with french fries.  It was so good because I was so hungry.

Around 4:40 Karen text me to say she was home and I could come over whenever.  Karen was hosting a bookstore employee party so I could see everyone.  She grilled out for us and we sat around outside in the horrible humidity and talked for hours.  The party lasted pretty late that night.  I even got 3 photos...haha

The three photos were basically the photo you see below.  These two kids are my former co-workers kids.  I was the son's first paid babysitter and when his sister came along of course I watched her too.  They are funny, intelligent kids who love to be read to and watch movies.  The last time I babysat them before moving I created an obstacle course for them.  I miss them a lot and was so happy their parents brought them to the cook out so I could see them.

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