13 July 2012

Traveling Home (Day 3) July 12th

MetLife Blimp Snoopy 2
Thursday mom and I were up bright and early to get out to the John Deere Classic.  Our normal schedule is to work the morning shift on Thursday, go watch on Friday, and then work all day Saturday and Sunday.  According to my calendar we planned on being at the golf course by 7 am.  We needed to be early because on Thursday and Friday the groups tee off from both Holes 1 and 10.  We stopped at Hardee's and bought breakfast.  Their raisin cinnamon biscuits and hash browns are so good.

The morning shift went well.  After our shift we sat at 1 and watched groups tee off.  After an hour we left and went home.  Being in out in the heat wears a person down.  So I know its a surprise to say we went home, showered and took naps.  We didn't do a lot this night, just spent time watching tv and ate dinner.  I am pretty sure I was reading a book each day while I was home.  

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