12 July 2012

Traveling Home (Day 2) July 11th

For being up late I woke up before 10 am which greatly surprised me.  My mom was home working and I showered and got dressed so I'd be ready to leave.  When mom finished with her work she got ready and we headed into town.

Part of the reason I went into town was to volunteer at the John Deere Classic.  So we went to volunteer parking and got on the shuttle bus to take us out there.  When we arrived we went down to Scoring Central which is under the club house to check in.  Then we went up to 1 to watch the Pro Am guys tee off and be announced.  After watching a few groups we walked down to 18 to check out the scoring equipment in order to acclimate ourselves to what we would be doing on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Mom and I do scoring, specifically we sit in a tower, and laser shoot where the golfers ball lands.  Mom uses an actual laser which is sort of a weird one eye binocular and I look at a grid of the hole and write down the location of the ball on a sheet.  This way each ball is kept track of by two people.  I also wear a walkie talkie in order to talk to our hole captain and the guys in the scoring truck.  The laser scoring can be seen on tv as well as online if you want to see how far they hit each ball.  This year we were on Hole 11.

After checking things out we left and after being dropped off by the shuttle at volunteer parking we drove to a Lumber store to choose doors and windows for the addition my parents are putting on the house.  Deciding and having everything printed out with costs took an hour or so.  Afterwards we went to lunch for Sushi.  SO GOOD.  We also stopped by the store for a few last minute snacks for the tournament since we always take coolers with us.

Upon arriving home we both showered and took naps.  It is exhausting being out in the heat!  At some point during the afternoon I snapped some photos of the addition.  Menards had brought the cinder blocks that would be used to build the basement walls.  In the second photo is one of two oil drums that were used to heat the house.  After many years of not being used, my dad was able to get them out of the basement.  He cut out a hole in the wall for a new door to the new basement room and out they went.  My night was thrilling, I read a book, ate dinner and went out on the gator with dad while one of the dogs ran along with us around the field.  We spotted four deer eating dad's beans in the field.  I had a great time hanging out with my family.  This was definitely a good start to my week home.

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