11 July 2012

Traveling Home (Day 1) July 10th

My friend Ryan told me that I would have to write about my trip home because there were epic things that happened throughout.  I'm not really sure what was epic about some of the days but I'm going to write a post per day so that I don't confuse you.

Tuesday I was up early, showering and packing last minute essentials.  My suitcase was filled with books, books for me, books for friends, a blanket to keep things from rattling around, and a few gifts.  My second check in bag was a cooler that I bought to bring salsa out to Portland when I moved here.  It too was filled with books.  I flew Southwest who is awesome in that you can check two bags for free.  Plus they are organized with line placement so no one is pushing to get on the plane.  One last thing, their snacks are awesome and the crew is funny.

I flew from Portland to Reno.  The airport had slot machines in it which was funny to me.

Not sure really why but Reno has a fake fire pit in their airport

Slots in Reno
During the layover I received word that my new nephew Ezekiel had been born while I was flying.  The photo here is Ezekiel, Oliver and my brother.  After a short layover it was time to re-board and head to Chicago.  Luckily I had packed extra snacks and 3 books in my carry on.  I read all the books I brought and watched a movie on my iPad to avoid boredom.  The movie I rented was Atlantis: The Lost Empire.  I really enjoyed it as I had not seen it before.

When I arrived in Chicago I had to wait about half an hour for my luggage because the unloading took quite some time.  When I was finally ready to go, I text my friends and then had issues locating the right doors to exit to find the pick up area.  Plus all the other people who were waiting were in my way so I was trying to run to where my friends were since they were getting in trouble by the traffic people.  Just for future reference if you leave early or arrive late you should always have people drop off/pick you up at the opposite area for quickness and ease.

The Titanic books I bought for a friend
We left the airport and the interstate near Chicago was packed.  I'm not sure how long it took us to get out of the main city area but finally we were able to stop and I bought some food.  I was so hungry for a meal.  The ride home was a lot of information about where they both work.  Updates on people leaving, management changes and people who have come back to work there.  When I finally arrived home it was late and the dogs greeted me.  It was so wonderful to be able to unpack my stuff and sleep in my own bed.

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