05 July 2012

Laying it out there

It has been a crazy week but things are looking up.  It's been a while since I wrote what I've been doing out on here so I figured it was time.

Today was fun and tiring!  I started off by getting donuts at Voodoo Donuts YUM.  I have a lot of photos of this sign....

The Union for my workplace had a huge picnic out at Oaks Park which is a small amusement park.  Some of us met up at 9:30 on the East Esplanade under Burnside Bridge to bike out there together.  It was a long scenic 4 miles and it took some work to get to the Esplanade in the first place since I didn't take the bike I borrowed down the stairs so I ended up biking clear out of the way to get back to the bottom.  Well at least I know for next time.  It was a nice bike ride and when we arrived to Oaks Park we all started shucking corn on the cob so they could cook it up for lunch.  There were A LOT of boxes of corn but we had fun!  After we finished we walked over and sat near the fence to wait for the announcement of the wreath ceremony to remember the 5 Longshoremen who died on Bloody Thursday.  Someone walked the wreath out into the river and a boat took the wreath out in the middle and we had a person playing trumpet to commemorate the ceremony.  It's hard to see but the guys are handing off the wreath in the photo below.

Afterwards we jumped in line for lunch.  We had hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob and watermelon.  There was pop, water, beer and of course ice cream.  After lunch a few of us played some funny video games and some others went on rides.  They also had a raffle you could buy tickets for as well as BINGO to win some interesting prizes.  We sat around on the grass talking and relaxing for the afternoon.  Around 3:30 we decided to bike back and stopped in at the Speakeasy in East Portland.  It was great to sit around and chat with bookstore associates from other locations.  Then I biked back over to West Portland and got on the Max home.

It sure is a good thing I've been biking a lot lately or the 10 - 12 miles I did total today would have been killer.  Lately I have been taking the bike downtown on the Max and doing a 3 mile loop over 2 bridges crossing the river and along the river shore.  I do two laps and most of it is flat or it's downhill which makes it all the more enjoyable.  Obviously if I wanted a better workout I'd go the opposite way so I went uphill but I haven't gotten to that point.

I will be moving shortly to a new home and as such need to pack up all my books and things.  Luckily I don't have a lot here other then books but I do have a table that I will have to take apart so it doesn't get damaged.  I'm also going home for just over a week long visit.  It will include a visit to the dentist, optician, doctor (if I remember to call again) and volunteering at the John Deere Golf Tournament.  My mom and I have volunteered for a number of years now.  I have tried out a number of jobs at the tournament which is fun because I understand more of the behind the scenes work.

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