20 April 2012

Tempest (review)

Tempest by Julie Cross
Book 1 in Tempest Trilogy
Published January 2012

I'm sure you have heard by now that this is a time travel type story.  Clearly you can tell by the cover that there is a central guy and central girl character.  But there are MANY other characters as well.  I have an ARC of this book, it's the fourth out of 10 original ARC's that I brought home from the bookstore to read.  Based on the back cover I thought it would be an interesting read.

Here's what the back cover says:

Jackson and Holly are in love

She will lie dying
in his arms

Jackson must undo it all

This book is busy.  I think it's almost too busy for me.  There is SO MUCH GOING ON that I had to stop a few times and back read just so I could remember where Jackson was.  Plus since it's an ARC not every chapter has the time/year stamp on the top that you find in the published final copy on sale currently.  

Jackson is an interesting character throughout the story.  There were a several times I enjoyed his sarcasm and humor.  There were a few times he would be remembering a memory and because of placement I would be confused about 'when' he was and if he was thinking or had 'jumped'*.  

There were times when the rules of time travel were confusing as well.  I am using the word confusing a lot here but it's honestly part of the problem I had throughout this book.  There were story lines in this book that I thought needed more development but maybe the author will venture into this in the next two books.  The storyline of Jackson's sister for one.  If you isolate what is written about her I think Jackson is being dumb and missing out on vital clues she gave him.**  

I'm really not sure what rating to give this book on Goodreads.  It's a confusing but interesting read.  It's also a story I thought that could easily have been finished in one book if certain parts had been left out.  It nearly feels complete other then the loose end of Jackson's sister that I would like questions to.  I don't know that I will read the other two books in this series.  But I hope that you read Tempest and judge it for yourself.

*Jumping is explained in the book as time traveling.
** In an attempt not to be spoilery I won't tell you but feel free to tweet me or email and ask.

***Disclaimer- I did not buy this book, I was able to borrow the ARC of it from the bookstore I work at.  I am not being compensated nor was I asked to write about it. 

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