05 April 2012

The Lifeguard (review)

The Lifeguard by Deborah Blumenthal
Release Date: March 1st, 2012

With my new job at a local bookstore chain I was lucky enough to befriend the children's book worker that takes care of the whole YA and children's department.  He showed me where a stack of ARC's* were kept for us to check out and I went through the entire pile and brought half of the books home.  I just counted, I brought home a total of 10 books.  I decided today I would start reading them one by one since they are all new/recent releases.

The first book I picked up to read is shown above, it's The Lifeguard by Deborah Blumenthal.  When I picked this book I completely admit to judging it by it's cover**.  Comparing it in my head to Susane Colasanti*** and Sarah Dessen books with a bit more typical teen girl romance at the beach.

Now while there was definitely a teen girl staying at the beach, the book took me completely by surprise with the storyline and the bits and pieces along the way that are not typical to the book I was expecting it to be.  Without telling you the surprising bits, this is a story about a girl named Sirena*** heading out to Rhode Island to stay with her Aunt Ellie for the summer while her parents handle their divorce and selling their house.

Sirena is not dealing with the divorce that well and throughout the book are little snippets of occurrences with her parent's that have left her trying to forget what she has seen or heard.  As the story progressed I saw Sirena grow stronger with the difficulties she was facing.  It was believable and I highly enjoyed it.

I am excited about recommending this to teens who come into the bookstore.

*ARC's are Advanced Reader Copies, generally publishers send them out for booksellers and bloggers to read.
**Yes that's right. I really thought it would be a happy easy to read book because there is a hot guy on the cover.
***Be impressed because my spell check hates all these names and I had to verify they were all correct.

***Disclaimer- I did not buy this book, I was able to borrow the ARC of it from the bookstore I work at.  I am not being compensated nor was I asked to write about it. 

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