17 April 2012

The Last Princess (review)

The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze comes out May 2012

This is the third book of 10 ARC's that I brought home to read.  Well 9 in the first batch.  I have since brought home 2 more stacks of books so I will be doing reviews for a while.  

I had a friend come visit for a week.  I started this book on our trip up to Seattle.  We took Amtrak (which I can not recommend enough) from Portland up on Sunday and returned Monday.  Anyway, I started reading the book on the train and ended up finishing it up at the hotel that night.  I feel like this was a pretty fast read for me but it definitely leant* itself towards reading it easily**.

Without giving away too much here are some facts about the book:
1. The world is a completely different place.  The way the Royal family lives is a much privileged life which is completely opposite from the way the rest of England lives.
2. The main character is Eliza, a strong teenager who has a sister and brother...oh and a dog named Bella.
3. Plants do not grow easily.  Water is dirty.  
4. Eliza is an easy character to relate to.
5. Clearly someone is a princess...want to guess who?***

When I think about this book and Eliza, I remember all the books by Tamora Pierce I have read.  Her books are excellent at showing girls being strong and getting through tough situations in a time and place so different then our own.  'The Last Princess' does a pretty good job of that here.  I found myself cheering on Eliza as she got through situations I would never want to find myself in.  Ever had anyone hold you down and cut off your hair against your will?  How about someone branding you with a hot poker.  You will find all that and more in this book.

I do have to say though that I really struggled to keep my mind in the fact that this story is based in 2090.  For various reasons this was an issue.  You might see them when you read this book as well.  Every time she put on jeans or talked about what she was wearing I'd get thrown and recall what the year was.  Or when she would mention cars, same thing.  I think one of the main time issues was that horses were so readily used all over this story.  I kept thinking...well clearly we are back in the past.  I know if you read the full story it does make sense as to why there are horses everywhere but it was one of the issues I faced. 

I did enjoy this story and I am almost positive there is going to be a follow up book.  I had problems finding anything about the possibility of a series online but perhaps when 'The Last Princess' is published there will be more information.  

*is that how you spell this word? Gah...I do not know.
**This is the reason I didn't take a nap on the train even though we had to be up by 6 am or so
** *haha okay that is not a fact per say...but it was fun to throw something in there :)

***Disclaimer- I did not buy this book, I was able to borrow the ARC of it from the bookstore I work at.  I am not being compensated nor was I asked to write about it. 

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Passionate Bookworm said...

you just compared the writing to that of one of my FAVORITE authors o.O yes.. I DEFINITELY must read this story now! wonderful review!