12 February 2012

What I'm listening to

What I'm listening to is something I thought I'd start.  Feel free to post what you are listening to on you own blog and let me know.  I'm always looking for recommendations.

I moved to Portland in late October and since then I have been on the lookout for new music or music I wouldn't necessarily normally buy.  So here's the list of things I've been buying/listening to.

The Autonomics - They are a local band (from Bend moved to Portland), I met two of them at the After Show at the Wilco show I went to this past Wednesday. They were kind enough to give me a copy of their 2 ep's.  So I'm really excited to try them out and see what I think.

The Fray - Scars and Stories Deluxe Version - I have been a follower of The Fray since the had a song on Gray's Anatomy.  I had a copy of the GA Soundtrack and LOVED most of the songs and started checking out the music from it. I liked the original songs on the main album and "Be Still" is my favorite song.  I enjoy the deluxe edition because they are covering some really great songs and making them theirs.  I feel like a judge from American Idol or the Voice when I say that.  Check it out though.

Autumn Defense - Once Around - Okay I'm a bit slow here but I finally got around to stopping into the local record store and ordering this even though it came out more than a year ago.  Oops.... I love their style of music.  It's perfect for reading books and relaxing to.  If you aren't aware of AD, they are members of Wilco.  Everyone in Wilco has other projects going on and this is the project of John Stirratt and Pat Sansone.

Hank Green - Ellen Hardcastle & The Great American Tour de Nerdfighting - Hank is amazing.  He's a Nerdfighter who is very involved in making YouTube videos, playing music, and running VidCon, which I'll be attending this year.

Handsome Furs - Sound Kapital - I have no idea when but at some point I added this on my list of 'To-Buy' Music on my iPhone notepad.  I LOVE this album.  I recently picked it up and have been playing it on shuffle.

Blind Pilot - We Are The Tide - A Portlander recommended this to me and I'm so glad I bought it.  I've already been telling my friends who aren't from here about it.  The funny thing is they just toured locally to where I used to live.  Check them out.

Gratitillium - Volume 1 - I picked this up at Tender Loving Empire when I found the store when I was walking around downtown.  The TLE is a neat little store with great gifts for anyone you may need a gift to.  The music is a bit different from the majority of what I've listed so far here.  But it's definitely worth a listen.

The Doubleclicks - Beta Testing - Amazing local Nerdfighter ladies.  Check them out.

Wow this is a lot of music.  What are you listening to?

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