29 January 2012

In My Mailbox 6

It's once again past time for me to update you on what I've ordered recently to read:

Knowing that Kimberly Derting and Janet Lee Carey were coming to Powell's on the 16th of January spurred me to order their books 'The Pledge' and 'Dragonswood'.  I finished 'The Pledge' on Wednesday and have now read 'Dragonswood'.  Their event was postponed due to a huge snowstorm in Washington but it is going to be rescheduled soon I hope.  

I ordered and read 'Ladybird, Ladybird' based on seeing a video introduction about it Abra Ebner's website.  It's a really great story and I wish it had been LONGER.  :)

I ordered 'Shut Out' by Kody Keplinger after seeing the review by The Story Siren.  I tried to get it when I was back home for the holidays but they were out of stock.  I also read that right as soon as it arrived.  Funny thing was I ended up placing two orders two days in a row but all 6 books arrived the same day.  

 Last night I read 'Moonglass' by Jessi Kirby. I loved this book. I can't wait until her next book is out in a few months.

I have yet to read 'Sphinx's Queen' by Esther Friesner.  I need to read 'Sphinx's Princess' which is the first book that I have yet to read since I was waiting on the second book to be out in paperback.  She has another series out that I highly recommend.

What are you reading this week?  Go visit The Story Siren to share your list!


Patricia said...

Oh screw this week. It seems whereever I go, everyone keeps getting/purchasing books I want to have, too. Last time I accidently started to curse in German.. In the commentform. Of an English blog. XD

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy all your reads!!


mariska said...

What a lot of books you have!
Hope you would enjoy them. :D

Mariska (new follower)


Tess said...

WHAT gorgeous covers!!!! GREAT IMM!
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