08 November 2011

My Bucket List

There are things I've had in my head for a while now that I would LOVE to do...after watching The Bucket List a few months ago, I realized I had my very own bucket list to share.  Do you have some ideas for your own bucket list?  Let's see how our lists compare.  Ready?

1. Visit Italy

2. Skydive
From Here
3. Go on a Motorcycle Ride
From Here
4. Go to Las Vegas and see some of the shows there

5. Live in a cottage near the beach

6. Go on a date

7. Own my own bookstore

8. Go rappelling
From Here

9. Go zip lining at Tree to Tree Adventure Park

10. Go back to Washington D.C. and tour the places I went on my 8th grade trip including touring the whole Smithsonian Museum and visiting for the first time, the Washington Memorial
Evel Knievel's Harley Customized by my friend Geo Sedlak
11. Learn how to develop film (my camera is an SLR not a DSLR)

12. Take Italian cooking classes

13. Blow Glass
From Here

14. Go to Ireland and visit the rest of the country (Have been to Dublin and surrounding areas). Kiss the Blarney Stone and go to Waterford Crystal for a tour.

15. Go to a Rugby Match

This is my entry in the Just Ask Bucket List Getaway Giveaway. Just Ask offers a breast and ovarian cancer screening and is encouraging people to share 15 things that I want to enjoy in my lifetime as a reminder to be aware of my health. Want to enter? Head over to TodaysMama.com to get the details. 

1 comment:

Richard said...

skydiving is so over rated.You scream for 90 seconds and then its over LOL