07 October 2011

Some of the basics on PC vs. Mac

You might be wondering what your next computer purchase should be.  You might even be wondering if the information you are being given at the store is honest and accurate.  So I'm here to help you when you are pondering whether or not to buy a PC or Mac.  There are links throughout to help you with more information directly to the Apple website.

Here are the main differences between the PC and Mac:

1. When you install a programme onto your PC it creates a folder with multiple files and folders in it.  Then when you open the Programme it always takes a minute or longer to load because it has to locate all the files necessary to run the it. It's basically like baking a cake. You have to find all the ingredients and mix them together in the correct order to get the right result.  Then when and if you decide to delete the programme, you will see that it takes a couple minutes to delete it because again it has to locate them all.  Except really it doesn't delete them all.  If you were to go into your programme files right now you will find many randomly named folders and inside them are bits and pieces of files and folders with names like a0d7jkd.  PC's are unable to full delete a programme.  Which causes your PC to start running slower.

Now on a Mac, when you install a programme it is ONE FILE.  Mac treats programmes as though they are a cake you bought at the store.  There is no locating ingredients, mixing them up and baking them to get the cake to come out right.  It's already done right. So when it loads the programme it does not take long to load at all because it's one file in one location not all spread out.  This holds true for deleting it, you will not have to worry about pieces of it being left behind.

2. On a PC you will notice if you have multiple programmes running at the same time your computer runs slower and slower until typically it will freeze up and you will have to ctrl+alt+del to close whatever has froze up.  Again, this has to do with each individual programme having to locate different pieces in order to do what you are asking the programme to do.

On a Mac you can run every programme on my computer and it will still run at a fast speed.  This will be helpful for you since you might have a Pages (Mac version of Word) file running with the book you are writing in it, as well as a browser so you can look up reference information, your email so your publisher can keep bugging you about dates, your calendar so you can check when you have tour dates for fans, and music playing so you have a good groove going.  haha  Since the programmes are only ONE file, you will have speed while switching between all the programmes you have open and the ability to work quickly because you aren't waiting for anything to load or process.

3. On a PC the mouse or touchpad is not intuitive.  You can only use one finger gestures to get to where you need to go.

On a Mac the Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad have multiple finger gestures. You can actually scroll in different directions as well as many other strange abilities.  One thing I sometimes do is use two fingers and swipe to the left side.  This takes you back a webpage. So instead of having to go click the back button I can just use my fingers quickly on the mouse.  The magic mouse and trackpad are bluetooth technology so your mac will find them when they are on.  I usually turn my mouse off when i'm not using the computer to save on battery.  Oh and I use Energizer rechargeable batteries in mine but Apple does sell a rechargeable battery set for their trackpad and mouse.

4. On a PC if you want to download a programme you can go anywhere on the web to do so.  There is no central location to find them.  This is also part of how people end up with random files downloaded onto their computer.  Because you have the programme you are downloading and most of the time they have ad programmes that come with that.  This is how computers sometimes end up with virus.

On a Mac there is the App store.  As far as I know the majority of programmes you would use are on there. I downloaded Pages from there and that was great. The App Store is also handy because without opening it, it shows you on the icon and a number in red to tell you how many of your programmes need updated.

5. PC comes with internet explorer, wordpad, paint, and the ability to connect to the internet.  You have to purchase ANY programme you want to use right away as it does not come with anything you would ned.

Mac comes with iLife= iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband. So right from the start you can work on your photos, music and movies.  The programmes work together for you to create a slideshow with music you created which is pretty awesome.  Mac also comes with iTunes already installed, an address book, Safari (web browser), iCal (your calendar), iChat (can link to all your friends who use AIM or other messenger programmes), Photobooth (so you can take your own photos with the camera built into the Mac), and Time Machine (if you buy an external hard drive you can automatically back up right to the drive on a schedule).  Plus it has the App Store so you can download whatever programmes you might need as you need them.  This was helpful to me when I needed to download Pages so I could build my resume.

6. PC's get virus. You know this. No matter what people do they get them.  That majority of Virus are from Internet Explorer, Office Excel or Word.

For Mac's there are...NO KNOWN VIRUS for OS X which is what the running system currently is for Mac.  The past versions of Mac I know there were about 13 known virus but they are all extinct and will not work on OS X.  Mac's are built differently.

If you choose to buy any of the Mac lapops I would suggest this cover. Although I bought mine from an online vendor because I have an iMac and needed a full keyboard cover including number pad.  It's seriously saved me since I tend to eat near my Mac and I can tell by looking at my clear guard that my fingers get quite dirty.  It's easy to wash with warm soap and water. Plus it makes the keyboard feel softer.  

When you switch to Mac if you purchase it from an Apple Store I would suggest getting Apple Care to protect your Mac if anything were to happen.  They will take care of you!   I'd also suggest getting a year of One to One.    The main thing is helping you get everything set up on your Mac from your current PC.  Plus I think that One to One gives you a year of going in and getting help at any time.  I could be wrong about that though.

Feel free to leave a comment with questions you may have about anything I talked about here.  Or if there is something I didn't mention that you have a question about.  Thanks :)

Disclaimer: I do not work for Apple nor have I been asked or paid to write this.  I wrote this earlier as an email to a friend and thought it would be helpful for others.  But feel free to donate through my donation button for the advice.  

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[rachel] said...

If you're already familiar with apple products and don't need help switching over, and are looking for a less expensive one, I highly recommend MacMall. They're the only official apple outlet store that I know of, and with previous versions of Mac/iPhone/iPod/ can be a couple hundred cheaper even than apple refurbished (and they're almost always in stock, whereas it's hit or miss with apple's refurbished items).

Thanks for the overview, this is stuff that I'd kind of known but hadn't ever put all together before.