02 September 2011

Changing time

It's that time again where I feel like it's important to move on.  Here are some of the things I've been thinking about:

1. Changing jobs.  It's been 3 years in the current electronics store job.  While I have changed positions going from Media (Music, Movies, Games), to Computers, to Media again, to Merchandising/Inventory for Media, over to Project Team (going between 2 or 3 stores to reset how products are set/functionality in the store), back to Merchandising/Inventory, to Gaming. (was turned into it's OWN department)  And yet even with applying and interviewing for higher positions I have not moved up.

2. Changing home.  Now I realize you might think I mean to change the decor or moving rooms.  Both of which are/have been occurring recently here.  However, I would like to move.  I am tired of the area I live in, nothing is central, transportation is driving in my car at least 30 minutes to my destination, and then back.  I'm ready to live somewhere similar to Belfast.  A place I can walk, bike, take the bus/train to get where I need to go.  Save on gas, exercise more.

3.  Acquire new skills.  It's time to do a new job or volunteer in a business I am interested in, to learn and grow.  I'm tired of being everyone's mom at work in regards to doing things that my supervisor will not give me time with others to train them.  (My biggest example of this is: Each of us has an 'area of pride'  these areas each have a list of things to do including occasionally checking the map that corporate designs for us to move product into an organized fashion.  I am currently the only one doing these maps for the entire department even though I'm not assigned to)  Plus, a co-worker and I have talked about opening a used/new bookstore in another state in 1 to 2 years.  One or both of us needs to get some experience on how used bookstores work.  I have only worked in a bookstore that sells new books.

4. Changing vehicles.  Along with moving to a different location I'd love to downsize my car.  I hear you asking, 'well what car do you have?'  I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  One of the main reasons I have it is not only does it have a huge amount of room in it, but it allows me to get to work in the winter without having to shovel the end of our driveway after the plows have been going by all night and piling the driveway with snow.  It also means my drive to/from work can be done in 4 wheel drive if necessary.  (In answer to your question, YES it's been necessary before)

So my goals are:

1.  Apply at some Apple stores and keep looking for jobs or volunteer placement in a used bookstore

2. Move to Portland.  My Aunt and Uncle live there so I'd have support

3.  Starting a new job/volunteer opportunity will help with this

4. Downsize to a VW or some other vehicle that is 4 door but is more of a car then an SUV.  Ride public transportation.  Take my bike with me to use.

The only thing I wonder about is how much to take with me on this journey.  I think it's time to go through my belongings once again and give stuff away.

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