23 March 2011

On a jet plane...to Pensacola

This is more of a record for me then anything exciting. But this is what happened on my trip to Penscaola to see my friend.

On Monday I drove to Chicago only stopping once for a bathroom break after drinking too much Gatorade. I made it to the park and ride.
This is my Park & Ride Ticket.
It has my location written on.
There was an obnoxious guy who couldn't understand why we had to stop to pick up a young woman because he was in a rush. Midway airport was nice and the wait time wasn't bad. We boarded and it was a smooth ride. At Atlanta my gate had changed so when I got off I was only a few gates away from where I needed to be at. I went to find the gate then the bathroom and then I sat and continued reading the Lisa Gardner book I had started at Midway.

When I finished that book I started 'I Am Number Four'. My back hurt and I stretched and was sitting near the window in the sunlight. It was about 68 outside. After waiting a while it was time to board the flight to Pensacola. That flight went pretty fast, we landed 13 mins early. We were only above the clouds for a while and then we could see Florida. Finally we could see the ocean and the different nice houses with pools and the airforce base. We landed early again this time by 11 minutes.

Ryan was at the airport when I arrived so we went and waited a minute for my suitcase and then walked to his car. He brought me to the hotel so I could check in which was a pain since I didn't know tax had not been included on my bill. After checking in we came up to the room and I changed so we could go to dinner. He surprised me with McGuires Irish Pub. It was a 20 minute wait so we wait outside and played games on our phones. Dinner was awesome. I had seafood boullibase and water. He had shepherds pie and a coke. Then we went to Publix so I could get food. He drove me around his university campus so I could see it and then we went to his apt. We hung out and my contacts made my eyes itch and turned them red. I met Cole (one of his roommates) and Josh (one of Cole's friends). Around 11 or midnight, he took me back to the hotel since he had class at 8:30. I read more, unpacked and went to sleep.

He text and woke me up around 9:40. I got dressed and he brought over my food and we ate donuts and then left. We went to Wal Mart and got tortellini, sauce, bread and I bought a comb since I left mine at home. Which I find funny since I have 2 combs at home! Then we went to his apt and sat around while he studied and I read 'Why We Buy' on his Kindle. I had bought this book but didn't bring it with me to his apartment. He read it for class and I didn't finish when he had so I was attempting to finish it.

We made lunch with the tortellini, sauce and bread and read/studied some more before class. He took me on campus and showed me where the library is and went to class. I went in the library to the cafe to buy a raspberry smoothie and then I went outside to read and listen to my iPod. After class he came and found me and we left. We went to the apt and he got ready for work. I checked out his BBY store layout and played XBox Kinect and PS3 Move. Then I went to the mall and ate dinner...not very much my stomach was not happy. I read more on the Kindle and listened to my iPod.
Sitting at Barnes & Noble reading
'Why We Buy'
Then I walked around the mall finding the BBY Mobile and wandered into the Hot Topic to look at Paramore shirts. I left the mall and went to Barnes and Noble and found a book that was on clearance. Then I sat in a comfy chair near the cafe with my iPod and read the rest of 'Why We Buy' on his kindle. When I finished it was time to go get Ryan. So I parked in the same spot and read 'I Am Number Four' until he came out. We went to his apt and we talked to Nik (Ryan's other roommate) and Larry until they left to get food.

When they left Ryan got his notes and studied for his Transportation test. The test was about Trains and how to lease a train car for transporting products across the country. I asked questions from the study guide and filled in answers he didn't have. I also looked up things online if he couldn't find it in his book or notes. After studying he brought me back to the hotel. There were ants on the counter so I cleaned and put the donuts in a different container and into the fridge. Watched conan and decided to read more of 'I Am Number Four'.

Woke up and watched the storm on the news and outside my window. After Ryans class he picked me up and we went and he got gas. Then we went to his apt where we watched tv, heated up leftover pasta for lunch. After lunch we left for his other class of the day.
Sitting outside the library
on a bench with my smoothie
and bag...reading time

I went to the library and read a book then to the bookstore and bought a sweatshirt blanket, a cadbury egg, a pen and a Sobe drink. We met on the walkway and went back to the commons so he could go to the bathroom. Then we went back to his apt for a while before leaving. We went to HH Gregg and then BBY so I could buy blank CDs. Then we went for sushi at the Fuji Sushi Bar. After dinner we went back to the apt and watched Easy A. It was a good movie. Then I attempted to burn some music to CDs. Later he brought me back to the hotel since he had his early class.

I woke up early and waited for Ryan to get out of class. Then I read 'Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed' by Jo Beverly. When he got here we went to Pensacola Beach and I took photos. We walked on the beach and went to the Boardwalk so I could see it. We talked about how we were tired of wearing coats at home and even with the 30 degree weather we were wearing hoodies and no coats. And yes we are crazy.

Then we drove down the road to see the houses that are built on stilts. After a bit we turned around and headed back to Pensacola. We tried to decide on lunch. After a while we picked out a southern place that Ryan had been wanting to try. The name of the restaurant is Steve Barnhill's. It was a buffet with limited choices. After lunch we went back to the apt and watched tv for a bit before Ryan had class at 2:30. We went to class and I went to sit outside next to the library. I finished 'Lord Raybourne's Betrothed'.

Ryan was out of class early so we went back to the apt and hung out. Josh and Cole came back and then Nik came back after a while too. Josh and Cole played Madden 11 and COD MW2, which was not that interesting to watch. Nik made pasta and I made comments about how to make it...haha. We sat there a while I read 'Atlas Shrugged' on the Kindle for a while until we finally decided to go to eat at the cafeteria at school. I had breadstick and sauce, pizza, Gatorade and ice cream and cake. It was a good dinner. After I got bored I walked into the commons area and watched two guys play Gears of War 2. Ryan came and found me and we found Josh and left. Ryan stopped at Target for a few items and then we went across the street and got a blockbuster movie to watch. We picked The Town with Ben Affleck and it was good. Very well thought out. Then he brought me back to the hotel.


Corn on the Cob, Fries
and Crab Cakes with
Spicy Sauce nom!

Ryan picked me up and we headed to Destin. We went to the BBY there and then we went to an outlet mall. Ryan bought some shirts at Tommy Hilfilger, Ralph Lauren and another store. Then we went for lunch at Joes Crab Shack, where I had crab cakes...oh so good.
LOVE this store!!

After lunch we started driving back and stopped at Navarre Beach. I took photos of the pier and we walked along the beach. I also soaked my shoes in the waves. Afterwards we went to the Apple Market and bought things for dinner and dessert. We watched Criminal minds and the Illusionist. After the movie Ryan brought me back to the hotel and I read for a while before going to sleep.

Ryan picked me up and we went to his apt and hung out for a while. Then we went to Pensacola Beach for a few hours; we both got sunburnt. Me on my face, chest and legs and shoulder. Ryan on his face, arms and legs.
One of the MANY Man of Wars I saw on the beach

On our way back we went to lunch at The Tusacan Oven. We had pasta and I got Tirimisu to go which I ate back at Ryans. We tried to get a DVD to rent but they didn't have Unstoppable which is what we wanted to see. Ryan packed and we watched National Treasure 2 and some random shows. I made sandwiches for our travels tomorrow. Then he brought me back and I packed.
On the beach
with a book

And of course, Sunday, was setting a ridiculous amount of alarms on both our phones and alarm clocks because of the time change...so we could eat at Waffle House and get to the airport on time.  It was fun to fly back together, as he came home for Spring Break, and have someone to talk to periodically.

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