01 February 2011

All Fall Down

This is turning into a pretty strange week.  Sunday at work was hectic and there were a lot of changes since it was the last Sunday of the month.  Last night I was able to move the entire Comedy section of dvd's over and we only have 1- 4ft section that is completely bare.  I'm still working on alpha'ing and fixing the music area as well since it is a huge mess after the holidays.  So the only area I am avoiding all work on is video games.  Which means it looks sad.

It's snowing.  You probably knew that though.  Even if I had wanted to go to work I shouldn't since the road right near my house was closed all morning due to an accident.  Luckily I was called and told not to come in.  Guess we will see if I am working in the morning or not.

Since it is snowing, I decided to edit my blog a bit and move things around.  Hopefully now when I post photos I won't have to work with the text around them as much as before now that I finally have more width in post area.  YAY for the little things.

I am also excited about staying home because now I can work on the books I am reading.  Currently, it's still the 1st book in 'The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel' series called 'The Alchemyst' as well as reading 'Why We Buy'.  I also have a few shows to catch up on including Chuck...I don't even remember all the other shows I have dvr'd right now as there are so many of them.

Hopefully your snow day is going well!

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