25 January 2011

Writing, oh writing, planning, oh planning

The past few weeks has been full of fun and work.  I am finally at the stage in planning my trip to Florida, that I bought my plane tickets.  Mind you, I have not purchased train tickets to Chicago (to get to the plane), nor have I actually booked a hotel, although I have one picked out), but this first step is exciting.

I started my new cleaning job, and have cleaned the house twice, 6 hours each week.  If you ever want to be tired before 5 pm on a Friday, you should clean a large house with lots of stuff in it.  That's the key...no I won't charge your for that information, it's on the house.

The house cleaning is essential for going to Florida, since all the money I am being paid is going straight into my savings account to cover the 1st- Hotel, and then, 2nd- food while I'm there.  I'm also lucky that I received a visa gift card for Christmas that will help to cover eating out while I'm there as well.

This past Saturday was a full day, as mom and I started the day off by volunteering at Arrowhead Ranch for their Winter Vehicle Auction.  This is one of their 2 big fundraisers.  The other one is the Round Up which is a huge auction, bake sale, games for kids, etc.  You might want to see if there is anything like this in your area to volunteer your time at a few times a year.  They can always use help and donations.

On Saturday night, I was up in Dubuque for my derby teams' first full team Roller Derby bout.  Oh, no I do not play roller derby, I'm the business manager.  I don't have health insurance, so there is no way I'm about to try and break bones I can't afford to fix.  My team is the Farm Fresh Roller Girls.  That is our brand new website!  If you live nearby you are invited to our first home full team bout on February 5th, which just happens to be my birthday.  (I keep saying, full team, because we are a new team and have just recently acquired enough girls that have been trained to play as a team instead of doing mixers where we have teams made up of multiple other derby teams)  Our first home bout is 'Smack to the Future'.  It's a Back to the Future theme and we are even having a costume contest.  I'm pretty excited about it.

Today I went to a place I have never been.  Yes, I went to The UPS Store.  Sorry, but I did not send you a package, I sent my best friend one.  Here is a whole post about what I sent.... Sending lots of love with The UPS Store.

Books I've been reading lately: The Alchemyst by Michael Scott (The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel series), the entire Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins (ok I reread the first two and finally read the last one), and Sisters of the Quilt by Cindy Woodsmall (a trilogy in one book).  What have you been reading?

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