12 January 2011


In an effort to actually write something out, here I am...

My best friend left to go back to school on Tuesday.  In an effort to do something fun instead of being a mope I took my niece to Chicago to see Empires at Lincoln Hall.  When the idea came about, I decided I wanted to actually enjoy the weekend, so we took Amtrak.  YAY for decently priced tickets and a few hours of reading/listening to music/staring out windows.  Incidentally, Harrie's friend Tae was able to join us all the way from Michigan.  We hadn't seen her since last March so it was pretty exciting for them to have the time to hang out.

Train to Chicago
Because of the way the train schedule worked out...okay Tae's train was hit by a car, a lady noticed but did not tell anyone for 10 minutes and then after stopping the train, looking it over and having an hour delay, they decided it was okay to continue on...thus Tae came directly to the restaurant we ate dinner at to eat with us before we went back to the hotel to get ready for the show.  We ended up taking a cab, since the girls voted to.  Personally I would have walked the 6 blocks to the Metra.  haha..apparently I'm all about getting as much exercise as possible?
Harrie & Tae

Anyway, we arrived at Lincoln Hall just before 7.  It was pretty empty.  We walked right up to the stage and took photos, as you do.  There were 3 bands that played, MotherFather, The Graduate and Empires.  It was a long show but well worth it.  (I took lots of photos and some videos that I am working on putting online if you'd like to see them...)  We talked to a few band members and I bought two albums.  After the show we went back to the hotel and tried to relax and sleep.
The Graduate

Sunday dawned bright and early.  We were all up by 8 am...the girls got up and went to get breakfast while I tried to sleep.  I eventually got ready as well, packed up and we all headed downstairs to check our bags while we walked around downtown.  Surprisingly, Borders had closed Friday, on Michigan Avenue.  So we stood on the corner a few minutes until a nice lady stopped and recommended we head to Starbucks until some shops opened.  I had a game plan of going to Borders, Lush, and the Apple Store that day.  I made it to all three even though the plan didn't go as I had hoped.

After hanging out at Starbucks, I left the girls and started walking towards the Apple Store.  As I was turning the corner I saw the logo for the electronics store I work at.  Yes, there is one in the Hancock building.  Strange location so I decided to wait a few minutes until it opened so I could check it out.  I ended up taking a few photos to show my friend and wandering around.  It's strange to walk around in another store and see things that should have been done, so I hightailed it out of there for the Apple store.

Since I received my new iMac on Friday I had some questions about one of the programs.  That was answered pretty quickly and I found out they were having a demonstration about iLife so I sat down and learned how to build a project using all of the programs in iLife.  I really want to go back to see more of those for other programs, and general Mac use.  You sure can learn a lot in an hour.

With the Apple store visit complete I walked towards Water Tower to check out Lush.  It's hard not to go in that store anytime I'm in Chicago.  And of course I walked out of there with a few new products.  A new lotion, some shampoo and body soap.  Plus I smelled great since they always try out new products for you so you can feel them and see how they work :)

I ended up getting lunch from Wow Bao which is in the area where you walk into Water Tower.  It was soo yummy I would love to go back there again.  As I was eating I realized I still needed to get my bag from the hotel so on my way to the train I stopped for it, and decided to walk to Borders on State Street.  The set up is similiar to the Michigan Avenue store but a lot smaller.  The literature section can be confusing but it's doable.  I picked out 3 books, and used my various coupons and a gift card to purchase them and still have some money left over for next time!

At Union Station I found Harrie, got a cinnabon (YUM) and we jumped in line for the train back home.  Our conductor and train employees were the same as Saturday so we had some fun saying hi to them and joking around.  While we were sad to come home, it was nice to rest and not be walking around anymore.

Oh who am I kidding I didn't rest, I went to a friends house after going to the grocery store to get a few things...hahaha...and then I proceeded to stay out until 4 in the morning.  Obviously I needed to be awake for 21 hours.

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