21 December 2010

The luxury of time

We all have time.  Time we choose to use by spending it with family, working, going on road trips, or just sleeping.  What do you use your time to do?  Have to say, lately, my time has been mostly sleep, and then about a good amount of work.  The winter weather is cold and I am not someone who enjoys the cold at ALL! I'd much rather be in my nice warm bed or wrapped up in a blanket.  So after realizing that obviously there has been a problem lately with my sleep being over 10 hours a night I realized it was a lack of vitamin e (ie. no sunlight) that was hitting me hard.  So today I wrapped presents and cleaned up my bedroom and headed into town.  My main thought was, 'hey i'll see sunlight'.  Do you know what the weather was today?  Well here in the midwest it was overcast and quite grey out.  So no sunlight for me.  This sleep schedule is really going to throw me off next week when I am working mornings instead of nights as I have been doing for the past two weeks.

As you can see it's been since July that I last wrote on here.  Mostly I have not made time for writing.  I can't even try to catch up on what I've been doing, where I've gone or what I've read.  Because the lists for those things is too long to write about here in a post.  So I will attempt to give a few highlights.

1. I dog/house sat for my best friends family while they took my bf to university in Florida.  Their dog is amazing and I love him to bits.  I've dog/house sat twice now, once at the beginning of the school year, and then at Thanksgiving time.  (Thanksgiving week was also when I had strep so I was 'quarantined' at their house since I was contagious and exhausted.

Our Deep Dish Pizza

2. I took my fake niece Harrie on 4 college visits.  One to a local university and then a trip to Chicago for 3 days of visits to 3 different schools.  I had no idea all the walking and listening you do on those visits.  It sure is a lot to take in!  We also went to Navy Pier, the Apple store, rode in a cab, on the bus and the L (just to use as many modes of transportation as possible) and walked all over!  Oh and we ate at Gino's East.  SOOO GOOD :)

3. I've been working my way through a number of book series.  The main one being The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.  I finally bought the first two books as the third and final book was being released.  Reread the first two, and am waiting on my bf (same one as above) to read the 3rd so I can read it.  I've also been reading the Leviathan series by Scott Westerfeld.  I just finished Behometh and am anxious for his third book to be released as well.  And the third series I'm working on is The Blade Itself series by Joe Abercrombie.  This is a hard series to read because it takes a lot of concentration to follow all the imagery in the books.  But I'm quite enjoying it.  You should check them all out!

4.  It's the holidays, and that means that I am working back in the electronics store all season instead of going back and forth to multiple stores.  So it's been interesting to go back to what I used to do and see how far behind we have been on different tasks.  I usually go into work early to clean up and get organized for what I am going to work on while there.  Overall though it's been a busy but good holiday season, even though I am always happy to turn off the holiday music when it's the end of the night.  I'm pretty sure whoever thought up holiday music was not thinking of retail employees who have to listen to the same 10 songs over and over again throughout the many weeks of crazy early/late open hours.

Wow I'm stopping at 4 updates. GO ME!

Present wrapped, wrapping paper hiding another present

As for the Holidays...the only other thing I am excited about is that this year I actually bought gifts for 3 friends that I really felt I wanted to give to.  No giving random stuff for me.  I had fun picking out items I know they will use or enjoy.  I can't wait to see the reactions.  I also bought my mom a gift, after seeing something in a catalog that I thought would make her smile and be useful all year round.  It's for the grill since we are always grilling out here.  And my mom and I picked out a fun present for my dad.  We got him an iPod Nano 8gb in Graphite and Bose in ear headphones.  We are excited to get him up to speed on the newer technology since we bought a record player that records right to an iPod.  Now he can listen to all of his music anytime!

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and choosing to spend your time with family and friends!

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