26 July 2010

A day out..and other adventures

There has been much to write about and no time to do so.  When I sit here I try to think of what to write down, of what to remember and of what to share.  I haven't been taking many photos lately.  So here is a LONG rundown of what I've been doing lately.

1. Did I tell you I changed jobs?  Yes about 3 paychecks ago I changed over to Project Team.  I'm supposed to wear a black shirt, but they haven't sent one to me yet.  Basically my job means I am paid by Corporate and that I travel between 2 stores for the most part setting the stores to a map that the company has chosen.  This also means putting together displays for tv's, blu ray players with 3D glasses...or even locating defective items on display and requesting new ones such as a PSP Go.  Last week I traveled up to another store in Iowa to do overnights to change their Home Theatre, Computers, Digital Imaging and MP3 departments.  It was fun, but my sleep schedule is totally off track now.  As I write this I really should be sleeping, but am not tired yet.

2. I went to the local County Fair with my friend Tim.  We had a fun time, looking at the exhibits and watching the truck and tractor pull.  I had pizza, funnel cake and Mountain Dew.  Which my body was not happy about.  Probably because I don't handle fried foods well as well as the fact that I haven't been drinking much if any pop for months now.

3. Yesterday I went to Galena with my friend Ryan.  We walked around and I bought two more books to add to my ever growing collection as well as helping him find a book containing the full series of Complete Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  He was pretty happy to find it.

4.  I have been seeing movies lately, actually going to the theater and watching them.  I saw Iron Man 2, Inception, Toy Story 3, Prince of Persia (the last two at the Drive In with Harriette), and a number of other movies that I can't remember right now.

5.  I'm currently re-reading the Naomi Novik series called Temeraire.  I have only read the first 3 books before, and have yet to read the 4th and 5th books.  I was able to find the 5th book during my week of overnights.

6.  Saturday I'm going to my first ever music festival.  It's Warped and I'm really excited.  I'm also going to see the Chicago Bears the following Friday in Chicago.  They are having a scrimmage I think, at Soldier Field.  I've never been there so I'm also pretty excited about that.

7.  I think that's all I was hoping to cover...hehe this shouldn't count as #7 but too bad.

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