01 June 2010

The Gallery - Still Life

That's right it's time for another week of The Gallery.  This week's theme is Still Life.  The first thing I thought of were my photos of Chicago, but I came across my set of photos from our apple tree last autumn.  I decided to do something different and climb up into our apple tree and look for some new items to photograph.
As you can see I found a birds nest in the apple tree. (Feel free to click the photos to see them larger)  And if you spotted that those were in fact, not eggs, you would be correct.  The green bulbs are actually small apple buds that fell from the branches of the tree and landed in the nest.  I love this photo for the color and the view.  This series of photos actually led me to what has been the backround on my phone for months.  The photo is below...if you want to check out the full set head on over to here...
Matherville, Jun 11, 2009


Jen said...

Excellent photo, thought they were eggs for just a minute :D Jen.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

That's a brilliant photo, had to look twice.

CJ xx