14 May 2010

Tonight...this week....

Hmm...so tonight I was in a car accident.  Yes I am okay...yes my car is mostly okay.  It looks like I have some damage on my front bumper and grill...well the license plate did pop off.  But the car drives and nothing is leaking or broken.  I am still sort of going between exhaustion and emotional (wanting to cry).  I'm mostly happy that I didn't injure anyone even though I did injure two cars.  Because yes, it was my fault.  No I wasn't on the phone (good job Oprah and your distracted driving program), I was looking to my left and saw the car there turning to the left..and in my head I thought the light was green..but it wasn't.  I ran into the cars that were turning to their left in front of me.  And there I was..sitting in my car stunned that it had happened.

I admit it..I hate driving.  I hate the fact that I live sooo far from my friends and work.  If I could afford to live in town and ride a bike to work I would.  But I can not do that. It's ironic that I have a Jeep and it can fit pretty much everyone in it but that I'd prefer for everyone else to drive me around.  I am mostly upset that I now have to pay out money for tickets, etc and have..yup you guessed it, no actual money to do so.

In the past week I have applied for 3 jobs and interviewed for 1.  It's actually a job within the company I work with already so I'm really excited that I might get it.  The positives of it would be: working between multiple stores, traveling, pay grade change and raise, and only working a few days per week (since you work pretty much before the store opens til the end of the day on multiple projects).   The other two jobs are for a supermarket (overnight stocker) and at a local gym (front desk worker).

Today while I was cleaning floors and polishing woodwork for a co-worker I was given 2 numbers to other families that would like cleaning done.  I am hoping that I am able to do both of them as I enjoy cleaning and it's flexible.

If I go in order of today's events...you would have the following:
1. Clean floors/woodwork at co-workers hours
2. Go to work (a co-worker called in so I needed to go in and do her job)
3. Get gas for car
4. Go to my friends' house for a bike ride...we went 10.9 miles...actually if you would like to see our ride you can view it here thanks to the MotionX app on my phone.  The link will take you to Google Maps to a map with our route on it...and if you click on the route line (in blue) it will tell you my speed and distance.  In fact if you are really bored, you can see how I paused it where we stopped for a break when we got to the current end of the bike path, as they haven't built it to where they want to finish it at, as well as where we stopped because Brian wanted to go down the slide at a park we were riding past on our way home...I'm not joking!  And then he went down the small slide, until I pointed out the big circular slide 8 feet away..haha :)  And in full disclosure, I was not paid or given this app or asked to review it.  In fact I am using the Lite version which is free on my iPhone.  And there are plenty of other Biking GPS apps available...this is just the one I decided to try. Brian has a completely different app on his Droid that is nice too, although his said we only went 10.2 miles.
After the bike ride...we went to Dollar Tree where he loaded up on snacks and bought me gummy worms, and then over to Checkers because I talked about how we need to go back to Dollar Tree before we go camping to get snacks since they have Non-High Fructose Corn Syrup Ketchup...and that led me to talking about Hot Dogs..and how we need to grill..and then we were hungry for Hot Dogs...haha...We have some odd conversations as you can see!

This is long and I am tired....so good night.

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