21 February 2010

Something new and something old...nothing borrowed here though

I promised to tell you where we went on our birthday trip...so here goes.

We decided to go somewhere that was within 4 hours driving distance, somewhere that had an indoor water park, and some new restaurants (at least to us).  Any guesses?  We went somewhere new and chose Wisconsin Dells.  We ended up deciding to eat at the Moosejaw Pizza and Brewing Company.Antler Chandeliers  It was delicious.  Bruschetta
We had bruschetta and taco pizza.
Taco Pizza
We had enough pizza to take it back to the hotel with us.
 Yahtzee at the hotel
We also headed over to Wal Mart and bought Yahtzee since the tv at the hotel was an old tv and wouldn't allow us to hook up my Wii.

The next day we went to Kalahari  Resort for the Indoor Water Park they have.  While I'd recommend it to families with children, we were only there about 4 hours before deciding to leave.  It was fun, but not enough to keep us entertained. Plus the food prices were a bit high for our liking.
  Animal Cookies
I think my favorite part was on our way through the lobby afterwards they had a sugar cookie table where you could frost your own cookies.
The table of frosting and sprinkles  YUM!  

Later we decided to go to the McDonald's near our restaurant.  Now you are probably wondering why we'd go to McDonald's but this one was pretty interesting.
  McDonalds' in Wisconsin Dells
It is built to look like a hunting lodge.
McDonalds' in Wisconsin Dells
That night we decided we wanted to head somewhere old...can you guess where?

Close up of IKEA shopping bags
I have taken a close up here, so please don't think this is a tarp like some of my friends did.

If you guessed IKEA in Schaumburg you are a winner...of my praise :) Congratulations!

We left Monday morning and headed to Schaumburg, first going to our favorite restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes.  After a delicious lunch of salad, soup, foccacia, and brownies we headed over to IKEA for some fun shopping.  Sarah ended up buying some really awesome lights  in multiple colors...I can't wait to see them all set up!  After IKEA we went over to the Woodfield Mall and then we came home.

All in all it was a fun trip and I'm glad we went away for a few days.  It was nice not to worry about work and have some fun :)

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