12 January 2010

All the things I've not been doing

One of the many things I have not been doing is enjoying Christmas...as you can see I most definitely didn't get 3 of my friends together and go on an amazing road trip just days before Christmas to actually have fun and get away from everything...and we most certainly did not go to a museum,

an antiques shop, and then over to see an amazing lights in the park show..nope not us!  And while on this road trip we most certainly did not stop for ice cream that none of us were able to finish.  Nope not us!
And this past weekend I most certainly did not wake up early to go sledding...nope not me.  I definitely didn't pick up my friend, and have to go to two different stores before we found inflatable tubes to sled with and then proceed to a local county park to locate a hill. 

And we most certainly did not then climb the biggest hill we could find and video my friend sledding down over and over.  Nope not us!
And I most certainly did not have the most fun I could possibly have sledding and taking photos of our craziness.  And I most definitely did not after all that craziness, go home and take a nap, before getting up to go out bowling with the same friend and 2 more awesome friends.  Nope not me, I never squeeze lots of activities into one day.

This Not Me Tuesday is brought to you by Mckmama who actually does Not Me Mondays.  She's awesome check her out!

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