09 December 2009

Zhu Zhu nutty

At this point I'm going to guess everyone has seen the new Zhu Zhu toy.  Nicole even had a review/giveaway of it earlier this summer.  Well it turns out my friend Ryan's niece wants it for Christmas.  It's been sold out everywhere and is difficult to find.  After two weeks of random shopping I was finally able to find some at Toy's 'R Us when I was visiting my friend this past weekend out of town.  We walked in and saw the line, my friend jumped in line, while I verified what the line was for.  Yes, there were 100 hamsters as well as accessories.  I called Ryan and told him I wasn't sure if I'd even get anything but we'd try.  Well 5 people in front of me the hamsters ran out.  Okay, so I figured I'd at least get 2 accessories.  I ended up with Giant Hamster Fun House and the Surfboard & Sleep Dome.  I chose the Surfboard because Ryan is currently in Florida, so it ties in to him.  After I got home Saturday night, I found out his niece does in fact have a hamster, but it is possibly lost.  This leads me to the next thought, try to find one for her to add to the accessories I've already bought.  Well 24/7 Moms is having a giveaway for one Num Nums hamster!  So of course I'm trying to win one.  It would complete the Christmas present :)  If you have been trying to find one here's your chance :)  Good luck!


Michele said...

I so wish I'd read your posts earlier because I had two extras. Did you ever find one for your neice? I saw a ton of them at Target today ... now that the holidays are over ; (

shot in the arm said...

I did manage to get 1 from my manager (his wife bought a bunch online) and sold me one. So it turned out just great :) Thanks. That's funny that they are in stock now. I was wondering if they would be in stock or would still be difficult to find.