05 September 2009

Wandering, a wondering

I think I've come to a decision about my working. Will be odd but I am going to let go of a job and only work at one place. This means I need to get on the ball about extra hours at the other job which can easily be done. It also means I need to get off my bum and print those business cards from ages ago with my various odd job abilities on them for mum to give out at work. I need to do this for myself...my health...my happiness...if not utterly ignoring the fact that I will be on one income. That is so strange. Makes me sound like I'm divorcing or going to be a stay at home mom or something.

This is going to be a new step. I will have a holiday this year. I will have 3 days off two weeks in a row for Christmas & then for New Years. YUP! I am soo excited. See I usually have Thurs & Sat off work so that means that since the holidays are on Fridays...yup you see 3 day holidays! I am so thrilled!!! This will be the first time after 3 years of NOT having any days off but the actual holiday itself.

Moving along...I'm interested in finally getting around to writing those reviews I said I would do. In my head I've already written the review of the test drive that Sahm Reviews and I took at BlogHer09. Oh you don't know about that...well that's because I've been putting off ALL the reviews of products I tried at/after BlogHer. I actually still have a wrapper from one food item so that I would remember. My brothers waterbed...well let me show you.

This is the bed...there are all my toiletries, and under part of the suitcase is Mr Potato Head and a few other items like the Energizer Battery Charger and all the batteries. So you can tell I really do want to write the reviews..but if I unpack those items I won't do it. So this is my motivation. It's also become a dumping ground for my scrapbooking supplies. You can see my amazing Epson PictureMate Zoom up top left as well as my container of basic supplies.

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Nicole said...

Glad I'm not the only one lacking in getting around to the reviews generated from BlogHer09! I'm just now getting my stuff sorted through - and it's all spread out on the floor in my master bedroom!

Congrats on making the decision to go to one job and work to pursue your favorite interests. I'm certain that you'll be able to make it work - financially and emotionally. Good for you for taking a step to make yourself happier and healthier.