13 August 2009

Where in the world is Mel now?

Do you remember playing the computer game 'Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego?' I used to play that back when I was in grade school. My mom bought that game for us to play at home and I always enjoyed learning about the many places Carmen could go. Later on they even made it into a cartoon for TV. Obviously not as interactive, but still an educational experience.

I started thinking about Carmen when my supervisor (at the electronics store) asked me this last week where I'd be at during the weekend. Started thinking to myself, it's obviously gotten to the point when the people I work with know I travel around when they don't ask what I'll be doing, but where I'll be going!

This past weekend I spent Thursday helping my friend Sarah pack up her belongings as she was moving to start her new nursing job an hour and a half away. After packing up as many of her belongings we went to her going away party with many other nursing student friends and some former/current bookstore employees. It was one of those dinner parties where we should have called the restaurant beforehand to let them know we were coming but alas, we sat outside and put some tables together and all was well.

This is where I thank my friend Jen for helping me out with the purchase of many frames for photos I had printed for Sarah as her gift. Jen also helped me put all the photos into frames (in the back of my Jeep hurriedly when Jen arrived at the party).

Friday was packing up the U-Haul and purchasing of cleaning supplies.

Saturday was Sarah's dad and nephew in the U-Haul, Sarah's mom and Sarah in their car, and Ashley (Sarah's nursing school friend) and myself in my packed Jeep driving the hour and a half to the new apartment. I'm not sure how long it took us to unpack, maybe an hour, and then we were in the air conditioning (ahhhhh air!) and unpacking items from boxes and trying to establish where things belonged. We stopped for pizza and bread sticks from Pizza Hut and contined on with putting together furniture. If I knew where Sarah's camera was I'd show you the photos of me putting together the coffee table she is using for a tv stand. We also alphabetized her books and put them on her bookshelves (yes you can tell we did/do work in a bookstore) We washed dishes and put them on shelves in cupboards and we also had cable installed for tv and internet.

This would be where it becomes tricky. You see Mel apparently knows all about the internet...(huh?) so was asked to set up the wireless...which confused me. After calling the cable company and getting the wired part set up with the modem I decided to stop and just come back down on Wednesday to work on the wireless part. And this my friends is how I ended up returning Wednesday afternoon. I'm glad I have Thursdays off so I could stay over and hang out. Oh and don't think I'm capable of wireless set up..oh no...we called Sarah's amazing cousin Chris and he helped me to learn the following:

1. the cd's that come with Routers are horrid and not to ever use them!
2. don't use any wireless auto connect system on your computer other then the Windows one
3. you should never attempt to hook up wireless when you have a migraine (it's much better to go to sleep)

Last night we decided to find Joe's Crab Shack, after driving by the hospital Sarah will be working at, we located it, right in the middle of Taste of Peoria. Yup it was a one day event & we decided it would be more fun to try all the different foods. We ate chips con queso and another mexican food (can't remember the name), bruschetta, chocolate covered strawberries, crab rangoons, warmed brownies, strawberry smoothies. Yup I think that's all we ate. Sounds good doesn't it? Afterwards we went to Target (to return lights I had bought), a pet store, Best Buy for a shredder, and Borders to look for a map of Peoria. No luck on the map, but managed to order one.

And that brings us to this morning...well afternoon where I'm sitting on a new couch with Zoe (Sarah's dog) watching CSI and wondering where I should go for lunch.

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Nicole said...

You are constantly on the go - between trips to Chicago on the train, traveling abroad and anywhere that Wilco is playing - and I'm amazed and a bit envious.

Hope you're enjoying this latest adventure!