20 July 2009

What I'm wearing to BlogHer 09 Part 2

After much help I have started making a list on Cozi.com with all the times/locations for the sessions I'm going to attend, parties I'm going to and my volunteer schedule. I can send it to my phone so I'll be doing that as well as printing out a copy to mark on. I also found a place called Springpad.com to make a list online for items to bring, it was started by someone who is attending BlogHer and you can add items as well.

I am finally packing over in my brother's room...the suitcase is on the bed with clothing piled inside after my photo session to show you the final collection of what clothes I'll be wearing. There will be no adding to it now! So here are the additional outfits that I will be bringing :)

This is the same brown top from before but paired with a skirt. So I can go from jeans (daytime) to the skirt at night for the parties!

If it decides to rain I thought I'd bring along a long sleeve.

This is probably one of my favorite shirts as I really like the two tone blue and the purple stripes :)

This is the shirt I bought at the Museum of Science and Industry the other week. It says "Do Something" on it and it's really comfortable. There are small brown birds on it as well.

So I hear it gets chilly sometimes with the air conditioning on in the hotel so I'm bringing a hoodie to keep warm if necassary.


Anonymous said...

Hey have a safe trip, Mel. I picked up a copy of WIlco's A.M. for my iPod, figured you'd appreciate that.

Peace, SA

shot in the arm said...

Thanks Sonny,
Yes I'm excited for you. Favorite song on there is John singing 'It's Just That Simple' which is even more amazing live! Thats probably my favorite album of theirs honestly!