09 July 2009


Well I started an update last week...sometime between getting home from trip #2 to Chicago and heading to Mississippi...(yes I drove there) to see my brother, his wife and now 2 month old Oliver! The update is that I got my haircut..but I keep forgetting to actually upload the photos from my iPhone to Flickr so that I can show you...soon I promise.

And I just twittered about being at the John Deere Classic, which is being broadcast live on the Golf Channel. And now that we are home for the day we are watching it as well as keeping track of Shot Tracker on the PGA website. I'm following Brian Davis. We met him last year and followed him and had the chance to say Hi again today before we came home.

Soo....I went to Mississippi last Tuesday morning the 30th of June. Drove down in around 10 1/2 hours...with a migraine most of the way. We didn't really leave the house a lot. I took Oliver outside daily and we sat/rocked on the swing they have hanging out front. They live on a farm with a pond out front and it is peaceful. I'd rock Oliver to sleep and read a book while sitting there. Probably the best part of the trip was that time just rocking back and forth with Oliver. This past Tuesday I drove back and managed to miss the ramp I needed in St. Louis to cross to Illinois so I decided to stop and eat...and I ended up at the Old Spaghetti Factory YUM! I was going to head to the wax museum but it was closed for some reason. I ended up getting a migraine when I left St. Louis so the 4 hour drive home was another exciting time.

Something that was a benefit and helped me through the drive was that I listened to an audiobook on the way down...after seeing a video preview for The Time Traveler's Wife (based on the book by Niffenger) I decided to buy the version off iTunes. Amazing book! I'm probably not going to be able to finish it til next week but I'm really excited about it.

So after returning home Tuesday night, and heading directly for bed, I got up yesterday morning and mom & I went to TPC to have training on what we'd be doing today. But it rained..and rained...and got rained out so we ate lunch and shopped for snacks and came home. My car still has not been unpacked other then my laptop and suitcase. I still have about 3 loads to bring in.

So today, Saturday and Sunday I'll be volunteering at the John Deere Golf Classic. Today was 7 am to noon, Saturday & Sunday is all day. I had fun today :) We watched for a while afterwards but it sure does take all your energy even when it's chilly out. Tomorrow I'm going to go out and probably follow Brian Davis if I can figure out what time he is teeing off. Hopefully it's not really early!

I think we are up to date...right?

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