20 July 2009

I am Ageless because....

As you know I am headed off to BlogHer 09 in a few days...WOW! It's so soon I can't believe it. Anyway, as we approach I am realizing it might be handy to have a bit more extra money for purchases I might want to make, for swap items, books, or to buy dinner. There is a wonderful contest going on where anyone who is attending can win $200 to cover expenses at the conference. To have a chance at winning we are asked to write about what and why I feel beautiful, etc. so here goes :)

One of the ways I feel ageless is that I don't wear make up. Yes thats right I'm au naturale. I was never against it until I danced competitively during junior high and had to layer it on quite thick so that I did not appear washed out on stage. After all those competitions I felt far more comfortable not having anything on my face. Plus I am not a morning person! To have to wake up and spend the extra time putting make up on would not do me any favors in the way of having a good attitude for my day, so here I am, daily with a fresh face, no make up in sight. Besides not wanting to take the time, I also like knowing that I always look the same. Another way I feel beautiful is that I recently (only 2 weeks ago) had my hair cut off! I went from around 15 inches (scalp to the ends) length to now having my hair barely be long enough that it touches the bottom of my face! Donating my hair to Locks of Love was a great experiance and I know that not only do I look younger, but a young girl will soon have a fresh look thanks to the donation. I also find beauty in myself in other ways, such as having a positive attitude, and laughing as much as possible.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate!!

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