27 July 2009

Day 4 BlogHer09

This morning was saying goodbye to SAHM and heading to breakfast in the suite at the end of the hall where the CheezeBurgHer party was on Saturday night. I also phoned up Fake Plastic Fish (who I had been looking for all weekend) and twittered HollyK. I ate breakfast and sat by the window to enjoy the amazing view of Navy Pier. I also found Sassafrass when I saw a lovely lady walking around with cute sandals and yellow painted toenails. OOO...I must introduce myself I thought. So I did and sure enough it was her.

After breakfast I went out in the hallway and sat in front of my room thinking it would be far easier to meet Fake Plastic Fish if I only watched who came down the hallway. Sure enough about 5 minutes later she arrived and we went in & talked about swag, plastic & her kitties eating plastic. After a while she needed to go back to her room to pack and I decided I would take my luggage downstairs, check out and put my items into storage so I could walk around town for a bit. With plans to meet up with FPF when she was ready I headed out onto the streets.

Headed towards Michigan Avenue and hit up the Lush store as soon as it opened. I bought some conditioner and deoderant as I had been wanting to try those products after some sampling and help from one of the lovely Lush workers. Went back out onto Michigan Ave, decided to switch train times for a later train so I could hang out with FPF for longer then 2 hours. Well you can't deny the pull of the Apple Store where you can use the net and enjoy the products. So I used one of their 13" MacBooks to change my reservations for a train at 5:55 pm to get back home.

FPF called while I was finishing up, so I went immediately back to the Sheraton where we decided where we should go. Ended up heading over to Navy Pier (haven't been in 10 years at least) where we walked around the whole pier, stopping to take photos periodically. The Budweiser Clydesdales were at NP and we walked over to see them. A few of them looked awful sleepy!

We had lunch, FPF using her awesome Lunch Bot container which she got a discount for using! Awesome that restaurants care about being green! After having our lunch we went and decided to do the Amazing Chicago Funhouse Maze. I have to say the mirror maze and the tunnel where you walk through with the spinning circular tube were the best two parts! FPF and I took photos in the Maze but mine are on my Canon so I'll have to wait until I finish that film roll. With thoughts of going to the Sears Tower we left NP and started walking. Unfortunately I couldn't get a hold of a person at ST to see how long the current wait in line was so we decided to just head to our respective train/hotel and said goodbye.

FPF is awesome and I'm very glad I got to meet her. We had great conversation & it was fun to hear her thoughts live & in person! After arriving at Union Station I sat outside and read a book with the backround of noise of Chicago. The train home was not quite relaxing but managed to read a good portion of the story. Trying to pull everything off the train and loading my car was fun as was the unpacking into the house once I arrived home.

After eating some blueberry muffins I went to bed and slept til 9 am today. Oh yes and haven't unpacked yet.

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