25 July 2009

Day 3 BlogHer09

After volunteering I went up to the room, dropped off my laptop and accessories and ran downstairs to find SAHM Ramblings. Great timing because she was talking to Tim Gunn when I arrived so I was able to take their photo and talk to Tim quickly. Then we walked around and got ice cream for the Wal Mart booth. I went outside while SAHM went up to the room. After finishing my ice cream I went back inside & we went to the Chevy booth to do a test drive of one of the new vehicles for this year. I have lots to talk about in regards to the vehicle so I'll save that for later....

After driving around, we came back and went up to our room to started sorting out my swag. I sorted them into a few piles, paperwork to keep, paperwork to pitch, business cards, non-food, food & bags. Then it was time to head over to BowlHer09 where we were given pink feather boas (yes we looked pretty) and walked the red carpet stopping twice to get our photos taken in front of those large boards you see at the Emmy's, etc with the logo in the backround. SAHM Ramblings and myself now have a stack of photos from this for proof of our amazing time on the red carpet :) We headed in to a wonderfully fun event where there were loads of great appetizers, pool tables, bowling, live music with Anya Marina and Brooke White. We also met people from Goldfish crackers, and a few other companies. I ended up buying a cd from Anya and getting to meet both young ladies. SAHM and I went back to the room halfway through for a break from noise and then came back. After going back we listened to Brooke sing and talked to some of our Blogger friends and then went back to the room again before trying to head over to the CheezeBurgHer party.

I say tried because SAHM got in and I stopped to talk to a Brit who was over for BlogHer. Ended up talking and then going into our room (2 doors down from the party). By the time we came out security came up to clear the party out because of the noise level. Yes that's right the party was so loud they had security come...2 guys. It was pretty funny. Ladies were coming out taking photos of security laughing about it. I hung out in the hallway until SAHM emerged and we ended up heading downstairs to the Baskin Robbins party. YUM gotta love ice cream cake & meeting a Whrrl lady (will have to find her card) We learned all about Whrrl and how to use it from my iPhone as well as on the computer :)

After the party we went upstairs where we ran into the Go Girl ladies. I decided to head up to the Executive Lounge with them to chat and SAHM worked on her packing. Trust me this was not easy. Trying to pack our belongings was difficult but in the end I managed to get mine all done. Eventually after hanging out with Sven (the massage chair) I went downstairs and finished shoving everything into the suitcase or EA Active bag and cleared off the bed. Time for sleep...

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