25 July 2009

Day 3 BlogHer09

Since I'm sitting at Registration now I thought I'd take some time to write about this morning so I won't need to write about so much tonight :)

This morning I woke up feeling sick around 8 am so laid in bed for a while then made some hot tea before getting ready to go. Came downstairs for the Keynote at 9:30 am although it didn't start til 9:45 am or after. We had AMAZING keynote ladies here today. We had Tina Brown, Donna Byrd and Ilene Chaiken. Lisa Stone interviewed them and the discussed their current work/lives a bit and social media. It was really interesting and I have some photos on my flickr but they aren't great. I also got photos with each of them afterwards although Tina was in a hurry as she had to get to the airport.

After keynote it was 10:50 am and time for the first Break Out Session of the day. I ended up going to Business of You: Advanced Social Media, Syndication and Stats. They talked about Technorati, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and Facebook and blogging. Very interesting information!

After the session we went to the Expo Hall to see Paula Deen..but her plane was delayed so we decided to go see & ride in the Wienermobile. It was awesome! Just SAHM Ramblings and myself as guests and we took photos, waved to people on the street and talked on the PA. Pretty much this is a great part of my weekend :) WOO to the Wienermobile people!

After coming back at 12:50 pm Paula still wasn't here so I went and grabbed lunch and headed for Registration where I'll be hanging out til 4 pm today.

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Fake Plastic Fish said...

Seems like everyone's been getting sick. Hope to see you tomorrow. Email me at beth[at]fakeplasticfish[dot]com and I'll give you my cell number. Not sure what time I'll get up or come down because I am so exhausted.

You didn't see me at the Tide booth because they whisked me away in a limo to have lunch with Tim Gunn at the Four Seasons. :-)