24 July 2009

Day 2 BlogHer09

Today was crazy! I was woken up by text (forgot to set it on vibrate) then back to sleep til my roomie SAHM Ramblings woke me up for breakfast at 8ish. YAY for breakfast of fruit and hot chocolate YUM!

so 8:20 am - Newbie Breakfast where I met 3 Wienermobile Drivers who have one here in Chicago. Need to go outside tomorrow for a ride :) an author and a bunch of other ladies...After introductions from the BlogHer founders we moved to the main breakfast room and had another different introduction by the ladies as well as doing a quick Speed Dating BlogHer Style. It was fun to meet a number of ladies so quickly and I took a photo of the ballroom (on my flickr to the right) of how we were double circled around the ballroom. AMAZING!

After our break from 10 to 10:30 am (which included helping the author download Bump for her iPhone) it was off to the first session.

10:30 - Break Out Session 1 - Identity/Passions: The Transformational Power of Blogging
Awesome....read it below.
11:45 am - lunch...and I went to the Shutter Sister Suite and met awesome amazing ladies from that Blog as well as learning new software, and how to creat my own photobook online. Then I tried out a lens from Lens Baby :)
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm - Volunteering at the Registration Desk (FUN TIMES, met more ladies)
4:00 pm - Break until 4:45 pm...running around, going to the room, changing clothes, charging phones etc....
4:45 pm - BlogHer Community Keynote - Women bloggers were chosen to read an entry they had written from their blog...we listened to some and then went to the Expo Hall to walk around and see what vendors were there.
5 pm - EnergizeHer party...went and got a back massage, nail polish removed and good food :) Also took 2 photos of/with the bunny. YAY for the Bunny.
6:45 pm - Walked over to the House of Blues for the EA Summer in the City party. SWEET! Played Need for Speed Nitro which comes out in November and isn't even finished yet. I played it on the Wii and the DS. Then I learned/watched Spore Hero on the Wii. Tried some great appetizers.
8:15 pm - Left for the Sheraton and got in line for the HP party, and met TW (whose intro I read on BlogHer) and some other lovely ladies. In the party I had my first chocolate fountain fun of the night....which proceeded on to the other 2 parties I went to. How come everyone had chocolate fountains on the same night? Although apparently there is a problem because my throat hurts, my roommates throat hurts and another blogger's throat hurts after eating from the fountains. Anyone else? Wondering what the problem is!?

After all the parties...I came up to my room and changed and then went up and sat in the massage chair...ahhhhh....I love that I won this room from Prizey :) It has executive level access so I get to sit in a wonderful massage chair each night and relax my back. (Read more about what I won by clicking on the tags area and going to Prizey or Contests)

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