23 July 2009

Day 1 BlogHer09

Today was my finish packing, travel via train, arrive in Chicago, head to parties & meet lots of great women day! That's a lot to say eh?

9:00 am - I'm awake but really do NOT know why..can't fall back asleep so I get up and work on completing my packing
11:00 am - Leave the house and head into town. I stopped and got cash, gas, then went to Panera to grab chai latte and a pecan roll YUM
11:30 am - Head towards Princeton to get the train
12:35 pm - Sitting at the train station on the bench waiting for the train I met a girl who grew up in Brazil but now lives in the QC area.
1:38 pm - Train arrives, ticket is handed over and we are on our way. Chatting and reading books as we head towards the windy city.
3:34 pm - Arrive at Union Station, walk the girl from Brazil to the L and continued walking, until I reached the Theatre district, started raining and I grabbed a taxi (first time on my own)
4 pm - Arrive at hotel, checked in, found SAHM Ramblings
5 pm - Went to the Volunteer meeting and met Sizzle (Our Volunteer Wrangler)
6 pm - Went to the SocialLuxe Lounge Party. (At another hotel) Was disappointed to find out that my RSVP didn't do anything and that the Swag Bags had been given out to people...some people had actually taken their bracelet off (to get swag) and put it back on differently in order to get 2 bags of swag. This is upsetting...Mind you I'm here to learn, meet people and have a fun time but that was disappointing to me.
7:40 pm - By this time I had my nails done (purple sparkly), a henna tattoo on my right arm (Celtic knot that looks like a sun) and walked back to the hotel
8 pm - Went down to the lobby to meet up with a bunch of ladies that my roommate was going to dinner with. Met Stacy DeBroff the CEO from MomCentral.com! That was awesome. She had heard about how upset my roomie was about the swag and talked to Kodak and managed to find a Video Camera (one of the items that were in the swag bag) and bring one to my roomie. So that totally made the day amazing! Go STACY! YOU ROCK GIRL! I went back to the room to drop off the swag and came across one of the ladies giving the Room 704 party later on. She was sitting on the floor outside of her room. We talked and I invited to her my room to charge her iPhone since she couldn't get in her room (key wasn't working) and then we walked down to the lobby so she could meet up with her friends.
8:25 pm - Headed back to the room with 2 swag bags that we had been handed in the lobby. Then went to the People's Party...where I got us each a swag bag. They came with Ringling & Bros. coloring books, a teddy bear, etc. Met some ladies and signed up to review some organic applesauce.
At some point I went back to the room to drop off swag, and charge my phone. Then I went back down for Room 704 Party. I found Liz who writes one of the blogs and we stood at the front of the table until they started handing out bags at 10:30 pm. Yup I got another swag bag. Some of the contents are in photos on my flickr. It's late and I'm not moving photos SORRY!
10:45 pm - Found SAHM Ramblings and she gave me her dinner and I ate some of it cause I was hungry. We found some friends and hung out.
1:19 am - We are both sitting here on our laptops looking at different webpages about contests going on this weekend and setting up her Poken.

I'm wiped out so night

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