27 July 2009

After the fun

So you may be coming here to see what I'm all about or you may be wondering if I have some interesting things to say? Let me find you a few of the things I can give as examples okay? The few posts under this are really just a rundown for me so I can remember what I did...when I travel I try to do that since I scrapbook and it's helpful for me and my photos to know what order I do things in.

I'm Crazy from March
Longest Time I've worked with a Customer from April
Activities & Mother's Day Party from May
Another Fun Update from June

Hope that helps! BlogHer gave me a huge sense of community. If people ask me about it I know I will be saying it was Indescribable! I loved meeting each and every one of you & you are all amazing women from different backrounds!

xo mel


Denise said...

On Twitter, you just said you lost the opportunity to meet me... did you mean me, as in Denise? Because if so... we must remedy that! You live on a farm in the midwest - how midwest? I live in the north suburbs of Chicago. :-)

shot in the arm said...

Yes I meant you! I saw that you had written the twitter and just hit reply not realizing til after I sent it that I sent it back to BlogHer...oops! I don't have a twitter for you obviously I need one if you have it or need to write your name at the beginning.

I live 3 hours west of Chicago right off I-88 or I-80 just outside the Quad Cities. I do come up to Chicago a lot. In the past month I've come up 3 times...to see Mary Poppins, Fiddler on the Roof, the Smart Home & Harry Potter at the Museum of Science & Industry and then for BlogHer09 :)

Tell TW I watched the video of her in her dress and her turning around and it was definitely awesome!

ConverseMomma said...

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you at blogher, and then over here in your space. It was quite a fantastic time, wasn't it?