18 June 2009

Another fun update

So coming up is a crazy hectic relaxing fun time for me...and boy do I need it. I've been napping almost daily either between jobs or after getting home from whichever one I work in the morning.

So here's what I have planned:

24 & 25 June - Going with Sarah to Chicago to see Mary Poppins. Also planned is going to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the Harry Potter exhibit and eating dinner at PF Changs YUM (I pretty much have decided I could live off this food)
26th June - work a morning shift at the electronics store
27th & 28th June - Going with mom to Chicago to see Fiddler on the Roof. Not sure what else we are doing as she's away visiting with my brother, his wife and their new baby.
29th June - Work night shift at electronics store
30th June - 7th July - Driving a few states away to visit my brother, his wife & new baby :) Also plan on putting together a surprise or two while I'm there and putting up vinyl lettering on the wall of the baby's room that a friend cut on her amazing cutting paper/vinyl machine
8th - 12th July - John Deere Golf Classic / PGA Pro Tour - My mom and I have been volunteering at this the past few years. It's a great way to see golf, spend time outside, plus if you volunteer it's only the cost of the shirt to get in for all the days :) My favorite part of this years is that Brian Davis (British Golfer) is returning. Last year we followed him and talked to him several times. I hope he remembers us!

That's pretty much my 2 week vacation plan. It's going to be wonderful to do some different things for a while, but I am pretty sure I'll be poor at the end of it. The only benefit of both jobs is that I get paid weekly between the two :)

What are you doing this summer? Going to see any musicals? Traveling? Volunteering anywhere?

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Sonny Amou said...

Heading up to the Pacific Northwest to help out my parents, plus a couple of concerts this weekend.

Hope you're doing well, Mel.