06 May 2009

Why you should always lift correctly

To remind myself about my injuries I should probably write about them here. So here goes...
I've broken numerous toes, multiple times. I've also broken my left wrist, playing softball and my back was bad in high school when I had a waterbed. Apparently they do not agree with me.

That brings us to this past Friday. I was working at the electronics store and picked up a large printer box for a customer, then set it down, then after she had some questions answered, I picked it up and we walked up front to Customer Service where I rang up her purchases. This was actually a purchase that gave me an extra hour of work time since I stayed an hour later to help her, and then 2 other customers looking at computers. About ten minutes after this customer left I was in immense back pain and have been since then. On Tuesday, after calling in an incident report (with my manager) I was told to go to a specific work fitness place to get checked if I wanted to. At this point I was really tired of being in this much pain so I went after work. I came out with ibuprofen, muscle relaxers (for when I sleep) as well as ThermaCare Powerful Heat Wraps. The Ibuprofen has helped, as did the muscle relaxers. The heat pad has been slightly helpful but also annoying. If I had to recommend a product, I don't know that this would be on my top five. The main problem is if you move, such as walking, the wrap works its way upwards. I repeatedly had to move it back down around my lower back area. There is no way to keep it in place. It would be a bit nicer if it was sticky in some way and held in place.

I just want to point out that this is a direct quote from the website, 'Can be worn on the move, during chores, when relaxing, or overnight'. NOOO it really can't be worn while moving. I bet if I wear it at home while sitting around I'd have no problems.

It might be because the wraps are for sizes Sm-Lg...and I should really have been given a Small only wrap. However this is what the doctor gave me.

I also have restrictions of what I'm allowed to do.
  • Not push more then 10 lbs on a cart
  • Not lift more then 10 lbs
  • Not bend over more then 3 times an hour
  • Not crouch or get down low very often if it all
So you can see where my working has changed a bit. Today was interesting because I couldn't get iPods out of the case. Luckily there was only 2 times where I would have but was able to find someone to do it for me. I'm also supposed to do physical therapy but they haven't called me to schedule that yet.

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