04 May 2009


So I finally had time to come home and organize my stuff. I put scrapbook pages into scrapbooks. I put my drawers of scrapbook materials into the rolling cart. I also put books away, wrote out checks for bills and washed clothes. Today I have the day off so I showered and decided that maybe I should take photos of my hair. Odd I know..but it's gotten so long. And I've been waiting for nearly a year or so to cut it for one of those hair places you can donate it to.

I seriously could go on and on. Some of these have 12 inch requirements and I really have no idea how long my hair is. Here are 2 photos of my hair so you can see what I'm talking about. I doubt I'm at 12 inches but I'm definitely more then 8.

The weather is so nice I'm going to go pick up oil and do an oil change. How exciting right? I also finally dropped off my photos to be developed from Florida. I had 4 or 5 rolls so we'll see what comes out of those.

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