10 May 2009

Playing Second Fiddle

So in late June I'm going to see Chaim Topol. Oh you don't know? He is Tevye from the original motion picture of Fiddler on the Roof. I found out he was coming to Chicago's Ford Center/Oriental Theatre and immediately set out to get my mom to go with me. I'd ask Andrew but he's not coming home anytime soon. When Andrew was in high school he was in the musical Fiddler. Out of all the performances there was only one where noone dropped a wine bottle off their hats. I still remember being really excited about that and whichever friend was with me couldn't understand my excitement. Anyway, Topol is on a Farewell Tour in the same role of Tevye. SOOO we are going at the end of June...I'm so happy! I'm trying to get my friend Sarah to go see Mary Poppins in Chicago as well.

Back to watching Celebrity Apprentice..haha

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