10 May 2009

Mother's Day party

So the party yesterday was around an hour and a half long. YAY for the length! Part of that was probably that I was actually cutting out paper as the kids were coloring other items.

Here's what the kids made:
  • Mother's Day Gift Certificate Booklets with 4 certificates
  • Mother's Day Card (which should have had their photo on it, but my printer won't accept SD cards?! Need to figure out what's going on there)
We also read 4 books about mom's and children that were cute. One of my co-workers picked them out because I left my sheets at home for the party! I would have had a few activities for the kids had I remembered them, such as a word scramble, a maze and something else that I can't think of now.

Before going to work my mom and I went to town and checked out a plant sale, which was a disappointment, then lunch (my treat) and then we went to an Animal Welfare Shelter to see if we could find Flash a friend but no luck. After all that I went to Michael's craft store and found some glitter foam stickers for the kids to use as well as sheets of foam to cut out for the front and back of the Gift Certificate booklets.

I'm still reading Columbine by Dave Cullen. I'm pretty sure I'm going to start passing it around at work for everyone to read. It's a really interesting book and it's opening my eyes to how the media tells us something that isn't true, as well as how much we really learn about events we see on the tv/newspaper. Did you know that the Columbine incident wasn't meant to be about shooting people? Do you know that shooting was the 3rd part of it and there was so much more to the story? I'm challenging you to read it and find out more!

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