07 May 2009

Luggage to win and more

So there are a number of giveaways I'm entering. Some for me and some for my sister in law who just had Oliver last night :)

The first one is at Sandier Pastures for luggage. You go to Luggage.com and pick out luggage you like then luggage you want to win. I found some amazing luggage on there. Here and here they are! They are two different sizes in case you are wondering why the design looks the same. I live on a farm..its PERFECT and easy to spot. I may have to buy it if I don't win it...I mean seriously..it's amazing!

The other giveaways I signed up for are found at Etsy It Up and The Shopping Mama. Oh my gosh..so cute! Plus the cover is perfect for Dena so she can be anywhere and nurse happily :)

Check them out for your chance to win!

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