01 May 2009

Blogher 09 Updates

So I'm excited about the upcoming blogger conference which I have told you about here...and here. As it gets closer I am thinking over the details...
1. How to get involved: a Blogherteer (volunteering at the front table checking in Blogher guests)
2. How to get there: Riding or driving with SAHMtoo
3. Where to stay: Sheraton (Blogher is being held here)
4. Who to stay with: Lara
5. What to take: Laptop, clothing, money, camera
6. How to cover room: This amazing Blogher Giveaway :)
7. Where to find out about Blogher: Blogher's website

If you are also going to the conference you should check out the contest! Not only do they comp you if you have prepaid for your room through Expedia or one of the other travel sites but you have exclusive access to the Executive Club Level. Which allows you into a bi-level lounge which features not just "breathtaking views" but daily complimentary breakfasts, evening hors d'oeurves, and snacks and beverages throughout the day, plus free high-speed internet access, PC and Mac workstations, office supplies, and massage chairs.

Hello? Massage chairs? Yes, my favorite thing is having a massage....YAY! Course the beverages and hors d'oeurves are awesome as well...I certainly won't turn down amazing food and drinks! Would you pass it up?

Sooo entries are due by tonight so get on the ball people!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Dangit... you read my RSS and entered. If you win, I'll be so jealous! And you'll owe me bigtime! :)