08 May 2009


So tomorrow is the kids party that I'm in charge of (you aren't surprised are you?) and it's for Mothers Day. Looking over the papers thought up by someone who doesn't work IN the stores makes me laugh.

First of all, they give me a list of supplies...most of which are NOT provided by the store. So I either buy them myself or scrounge supplies up in the store that I can use. Then they give me activities to do that are not appropriate for the children (age wise). Then they tell me how long each activity will take, which never proves to be accurate. Usually my parties last an hour, they have told me in the past that my parties should last 2 hours. I'm really not sure how to stretch out a party that long unless I come up with activities that take longer. But that's difficult since those activities are the ones that have the children cutting stuff up. Again, supplies. I do not have scissors for kids to use. Also, they give me an hour to prepare for the parties usually. This time I don't have any time as I'm schedule to start work AT 2 (when the party starts). So that means I'll have to do everything tonight or tomorrow morning before I go. Usually I do quite a bit of prep work anyway.

Prep has included:
Spending 2 hours looking up Elmo's face online, copying the parts on the correct colored paper. and one hour of cutting parts out (nose, mouth, head shape).
Going to a craft store and purchasing tissue paper, spending three to four hours tearing paper up, finding a butterfly design online, copying design.
Craft store again, using a circular punch to cut out circles from different colors of card stock.

Plus, usually my hour of prep time is putting the activities in order, copying the activity sheets that ARE included in my paperwork from the company and then moving everything out to the children's area, as well as making store announcements, and ensuring we have snacks prepared.

This is not complaining, it's just showing that realistically these parties are not hastily thrown together before they start. The one thing that would make this easier was if a craft store was to give me a gift certificate so I could get some amazing supplies, more punches, kid scissors, card stock, and some kids craft kits :) That would make my day!!

Anyone volunteering? Oh also, I could use a helper tomorrow...I wonder if anyone wants to fly in to do that..for free....okay I'd totally buy you a coffee or drink.

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