02 April 2009

What am I thinking?

Earlier this week we had our bi-weekly small meeting at the electronics store. This involves five regular workers (no supervisors or managers) and our General Manager. We get together and talk about things we are seeing/hearing in the store and discuss how to effect change. It's really great since we have an open dialogue and the GM has re-started our group after the holidays and is now attending our meetings. Actually I was asked by the GM to be a part of the group about a month ago. We even have to put in info on our time clock to say we are in the meeting since it's a different part of the payroll. Anyway it's been really fun being a part of it since we have people from different areas of the store plus the GM is amazing and wants feedback. These meetings are usually around an hour or so in length.

Today was another type of meeting that is bi-weekly and it was for any regular workers of the store. I had not been to one of these and only was asked a minute before it started by my supervisor. That was cool that he encouraged me to go. You can tell these meetings matter in our store when that happens. Anyway, the meeting today lasted for 2 1/2 hours...I was actually 1/2 hr late leaving work so then I only had 1/2 hr to drive/change clothes/have snack before starting my shift at the bookstore. CRAZY! Plus I didn't have time to enter info in the time clock online so I will have to go in and do that so it shows correctly. We had a lot of good dialogue and now I've learned how to ask leading questions or questions to get better feedback and the GM laughs at me when I do it...cause he does it all the time!

At the bookstore...we have an Easter party coming up on the 11th. No info other then me being emailed to see if I wanted to do it, as well as the shift being on my schedule. So I've to figure out what books we will read, and what crafts we will do. I definitely will be using more tissue paper up though....actually Harrie and I are sitting here talking about which way we should use the tissue paper in between her playing rounds of Word Twist on Facebook. If I wasn't blogging I'd probably be playing a round against her. If you have ideas of crafts for Easter comment here and let me know..or books. Too bad I can't actually talk about the real meaning of Easter. That would actually be relevant but I don't think I'd be employed all the much longer at the store then.

So...things to listen to:
She & Him
Loney, Dear
The Fray

Things to read:
Columbine by Dave Cullen (a Supervisor at the bookstore and I are both going to read this & discuss it)
If I Stay by Gayle Forman (haven't read but looks interesting)

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