23 April 2009

Weekend crop

Yes you read that right, not crap, but crop. This weekend is a Scrapbooking weekend and we are meeting up at a hotel tomorrow and staying until Sunday. I'm really excited :) I need to pack tonight. Unfortunately I'll be late going since I work tomorrow til 5 and everyone is getting there at 10 am! I did think ahead and printed out a bunch of photos from Florida but I haven't developed my Florida film yet so I will be doing half of my items.

There is a rainbow in the sky right now since it's raining and the sky is beautiful. Today I worked outside and cleaned up a garden, backing my car up and hooking a chain around a pool that had been laying in the garden for 2 winters...and dragged it right down the lane to the garbage. It was really fun! I also helped plant seeds in little seedling holders so we'll see how it goes.

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