20 April 2009

Longest time I've worked with a customer

So today I'm pretty sure I beat my length of time for working with one customer (and occassionally quickly helping others in that time) with my time of 1 1/2 hours.

I was working at the electronics store today and a gentleman came in right after we opened and was looking for an iPod Touch for his daughters birthday next week. He travels and wanted to make sure he had everything before he left on his trip. What great planning! So I helped him get an iPod, $50 gift card for iTunes and find a case for it. Then I was telling him how the next present he gets her should be an iPod dock with alarm clock so she can wake up to her music everyday. (I had already rung him out...hehe) so we go around the other side and find a silver dock and he ended up buying that as well. Pretty cool gift. He had asked me to help him load up the iPod with music using the gift card so she'd have music on it ready for her to listen to. So I showed him how to hook it up, register it, and we started downloading music as well as a movie for her. He was so excited! He is going to come back next week for more help on his iPod nano.

It seems the past few days I've had really great customers who want to learn about products and are really happy. I think everyone is excited it's Spring. :)

I haven't been updating much as I haven't had much to say. I have a lot of trips/activities planned, going away this weekend to scrapbook with friends, going to Blogher 09, going to see my brother in June, and volunteering at the golf classic in July. Plus I'm actually going to start having....yes...days OFF! Last week I had Thursday off, that was my first since the end of March.

Lately I've been: listening to Nicole Nordeman, 'Loney, Dear', reading the 2nd book in Tamora Pierce's Provost's Dog series as well as Columbine (still need to start this!)

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Lara said...

LOVE nichole nordeman! :)