05 March 2009

I'm crazy

So I just got back from D.M. seeing Loney, Dear and Andrew Bird. I'm in the middle of trying to make changes at work, as well as having been asked to be on Viewpoint, which is a group of employees who can go to Management and talk about things as well as setting up charity options. The GM of our store has decided to change Viewpoint so he will be at every meeting. Cool yes? I think so. Not only have I tagged, geotagged and edited titles and grouped my photos from my recent trip on flickr, I have also started up a Loney, Dear photo group since there wasn't one and invited people to join. It already has 5 members :)
Since coming home, I've attended the first new Viewpoint meeting, had another migraine, been told I am Employee of the Month at the bookstore and have been asked to take someone to a show in Iowa City. I've consulted a friend and apparently this venue is really loud (earplugs are a must) and you must go to the bathroom before arriving. But this venue also gets the best shows, so go figure. The tickets are only $10 plus whatever fees Ticketweb adds on.
Then, last night I thought perhaps I should call my friend that I'm going to go to Orlando with and talk to her about our plans. Today we got together and figured out that we want 2 days at the beach, Saturday and Tuesday, as well as Sunday at Universal Studios and Monday at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. I've never been to the DW you see so this is very exciting. I'm trying to figure out which camera(s) to take with me. I have my iPhone, a Canon SLR Rebel (non digital) and my mom's Kodak digital. I'm really interested in taking photos at the beach in black/white since I've not done that yet. Plus I need to make a list of things to take with me. I'm a list maker. I looked tonight and I have white leather sandals, black nice heeled sandals and then my nike's.
Okay then, I'm doing the Eric Carle event, and that's about 2 days after I get home from Orlando so I am trying to plan and get everything prepared for it. I'm thinking I'm probably working the Twilight Midnight dvd release party the night before the EC Party so it will be a long weekend and I didn't remember to tell my other job I need that day off. Oops!

So as you can see...this is a crazy few weeks here and I'm glad I had today off to rest!

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